My friend Paul Baumbusch and I have a podcast that is now in its second season. 

He's a dramatist with political savvy, and I'm a reluctant housewife and modern feminist. Together, we are getting honest, and we don't care who we offend; we're making a show that tells the unfiltered truth in an intelligent way. 

Our podcast, Honestly, is available now and we hope that you will check it out! We encourage robust conversation, so we hope you will join us and bring your opinions to the table! 

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  1. how do I search for a recipe on your website. I want the venison meatloaf recipe. thanks

  2. Helly Ms. Bossy!

    I'm waiting on the key lime/Springform right now.

    I was 'bullied' into making a key lime "pie" recently when I decided to show up with some chocolate concoction. So today's the day I'm doing up the key lime thing. I really wanted to put it in a Springform and, after searching a bit, found your recipe.

    I threw the crust together and did as followed by pressing into the Springform. Your recipe didn't instruct to pre-bake the crust, so trusted and did not do so.

    Then I prepared the filling. Eight egg yolks, 3-1/2 cans sweetened condensed milk & one bottle Key Lime juice. Also followed instructions to use a large bowl as the filling would be more than expected.

    The filling turned out to be too big for the one crust I had prepared! Luckily, I had ingredients on hand to make another crust and threw all of it together in the smaller (8") Springform.

    I did NOT read all you wrote 'about' making it and the trouble you had with Springforms BEFORE I started the whole thing (my bad). But after seeing that I actually had enough filling to make TWO pies, I looked back over what you'd reported and saw that you decided to use the smaller Springform for the pie.
    Just took the 9" out of the oven. It DID leak butter (but for that, I was prepared!). Leaving it out now for one hour before it goes in the fridge.

    The 8" hasn't leaked (yet). And I'm here with fingers crossed that it will all turn out as beautifully as the pictures you posted.

    Perhaps you could suggest where I went wrong and/or provide more direction in using the Springform.
    Q: Was I supposed to butter/grease it before I filled it?
    Q: Which size should I have used?
    Q: Did I do something wrong to have made enough for TWO pies (filling only) and only have one crust?

    I'd appreciate any feedback you may provide. I'll be glad to let you know how it turns out when I serve it to 10 people for the Labor Day party.

    Thanks for reading and for your time!
    Dana U.
    Carson City, NV