My blog, which I started in 2011, was the snippy invention of my husband who professed me "Bossy Italian Wife" one night over tacos when I wouldn't shut up about my new website I wanted to start. Being the illogically confident person I am, I took this as a compliment and ran with it. In 2014, we added another junior bossy lady to the mix, my daughter, The Bird. With my family by my side, I am taking on the world one piece of writing at a time. 

As a writer, I take my experiences and I translate them into words that you can digest and hopefully see a part of yourself in. I aim to say the things that perhaps you didn't realize were sitting on your heart, begging to be spoken... Because it's complicated being a human...we are these fabulous beings walking a tightrope between the spiritual and animal worlds, and that comes with some cosmic baggage. 

So here I am, an unconventional truth warrior, speaking my piece in my own bossy-ass space. Thanks for stopping by. 

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