By day, I work as a Public Relations Coordinator and Specialist and a mom to one awesomely spirited child. By night, I'm in bed by 9:30PM. But in myfree time, I enjoy creative writing, reading, cooking, blogging, and spending time with loved ones. My family lives on a farm and we love nature, animals, television, and hogging the mirror--but not necessarily in that order! We may only be three strong, but we're a force to be reckoned with, and I am at the helm as The Bossiest of them ALL. 

I love to embrace my ancestral heritage of being Italian while also celebrating my American-ness. Food is an amazing way to connect with culture and bring that to others. As I grow, I am exploring all kinds of cuisine in an effort to connect human experiences and enjoy delicious food. 

I'm cooking and eating my way through life and discovering new and interesting things to share with my readers both in and out of the kitchen.  Join me (and my family) as we love one another, embrace our liberty, and raise our forks. You gotta admit, it's one hell of a ride! 

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