I am a hip, sassy freelance writer and fourth generation Italian-American with a ton of opinions. Or as my husband likes to say of me: "I'm not bossy, I just have the best ideas!" If you can imagine it, it was my husband who came up with my blog name...I think he was mad at me that day, but I thought "Bossy Italian Wife" was the perfect way to sum me up!

I love to celebrate my ancestral heritage of being Italian while also celebrating my American-ness. Food is an amazing way to connect with culture and share with other people. By cooking foods that connect with both the American and the Italian experience (and ones that cross into both territories) I  share aspects of my personality with my readers, and inspire all kinds of people to get in the kitchen!

When it comes to advice, yep, I dole that out too!! I've got opinions and I'm out to share them with the world. Let's talk about marriage, sex, relationships, food, style--heck, whatever I fancy because I'm one bossy broad! I welcome debate, robust conversation, and a healthy appetite for food!

I'm cooking my way through life and always discovering new and interesting things to share with my readers both in and out of the kitchen.  I have three dogs, one cat, ten chickens, an awesome baby girl , and a husband who loves to eat!

Thank you for reading Bossy Italian Wife!

Now enough yaking, let's eat something!!!