Dabbling in Dildos

I remember finding my mom’s sex toy when I was about 16 years old. She didn’t have it hidden very well, (and no I wasn’t snooping!) but the outcome of finding it was, well, a little disappointing. It was just so boring. It was just a small, white dildo. It looked like it was almost medical... Where were the bells and whistles? I wasn’t going to touch it to find out, but I knew one thing: I couldn’t wait to get my own!

My first sex toy, though, was actually not a dildo, but instead, a pair of handcuffs. I was in high school, and the outcome of using them was less than satisfying (but that is another story you’ll have to read in my new book, A Moment With Each of my Lovers.) After that, I dabbled a bit in pornography. I liked watching other people having sex... and it was a fun thing to have sex to, if you ask me.

That was, until my mom found my porno stash and got pretty mad at me. That, and she had a thousand questions:

Where did you get this (you aren’t even 18!)?
Have you even considered that your younger brother could find this?
Do you really like this stuff?
Are you gay? (I had a girl on girl video)
Why are you disrespecting my household rules by having this video? (technically, we hadn’t discussed this rule)

Thank god for growing up, right? When I met my husband, and our relationship became steady and comfortable, we [finally] dabbled in dildos. And vibrators. And creams. And cuffs. And whips. And sexy lingerie. And the bullet. Just to name a few.....

The thing is, a lot of people are gun-shy about jumping in the sack with sex toys, but they shouldn’t be. Sex toys are a great part of a healthy sex life, and they really spice things up. I love that sex is a creative act. There are SO many ways to do it so it never gets boring unless, of course, it gets boring. And let’s face it, sometimes, it can get a little boring.

We all have moments where we are less than satisfied with our longterm relationship sex lives; this is the cycle of ebb and flow. Sometimes one person is feeling blue due to life circumstance. Or we’re just having a bad week or whatever. Whatever the case, it’s important that you don’t make it a way of life--you gotta nip it in the bud! I think that people need to be more open when it comes to sex, (this is something I try to do) especially when it comes to their longterm relationships. At times, this can be easier said than done, but it’s all about being comfortable. If your partner approaches you and wants to spice things up, try to have an open mind and listen to what they have to say.

As long as we, as people, aren’t afraid to try new things, then things should, in theory, continue to be exciting. Sex toys are just one way to achieve this end. And there are literally SO many toys and items to choose from. There are great stimulation creams, fun edible items, and other more tame toys for beginners. For those of you who are more adventurous, why not try a glass dildo or a pair of love cuffs?!

Love and sex are supposed to allow us to break down the barriers and walls that we have put up. We should be unafraid in front of our partners, and willing to try new things. Here’s my motto when it comes to sex: if it feels good, DO IT! (and do it often!)

Happy love making, my friends!

Oven Fried Eggplant

Shew! What a week/weekend we had last week. Thank goodness that hurricane business is all over and we're back to the seasonal goodness of late summer! I thought I would hit you guys with a recipe for something there seems to be an abundance of: eggplant! This is a great "base"recipe from which you can put together many dishes.

Oven fried Eggplant 

1 medium eggplant
1 egg, beaten
1 cup Italian bread crumbs
1/4 cup Panko

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Meanwhile, peel and slice your eggplant into medium-thick slices. Combine the panko and Italian bread crumbs on a plate.

 Dip the slices of eggplant in the beaten egg and then cover them with the bread crumb mixture. Make sure to coat on all sides. Lay them out on a baking sheet.

Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes, or until browned, flipping half way through.

Serving suggestions: 

I like this recipe because it can be easily increased to accommodate more eggplant, and there are a variety of ways of serve it from here. It beats the “fat and calories” of the traditionally fried version. Plus, it’s easy as pie!

One great way to serve the slices is on a sandwich. A little bit of fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil and you’ve got a great sandwich (that is also vegetarian).

You can also make a great eggplant parmesan out of these by layering them with marinara sauce  and mozzarella cheese; bake that in the oven at 350 until the eggplant is warmed through and the cheese is melted and serve with pasta and sauce.

Or, serve them as a side dish with any of your favorite Italian dinners.


BIW Versus The Hurricane!

Welp, we're bracing for a hurricane wallop in some awfully strange ways around here... but I guess that makes sense because it's been an awfully strange week. It all began Tuesday when I was working with a client, and an earthquake rattled our brains. That on it's own would have qualified enough "weird" for one week... but no... we just had to have a hurricane and an earthquake all in one week!!

Now normally, my refrigerator would be pretty stocked, especially considering how much I love to cook, but this week, my cupboards were bare. This is mostly because today (yes, today of all days!) we are getting a new refrigerator! I am super excited about the new fridge, but the downside is that now I have to go to the grocery with everyone else who is freaking out about the impending hurricane.

So here's my checklist for the day:

1. Turn in my column for next week to my editor
2. Clean up the yard so I don't get smacked in the head by anything during the storm
3. Be home in order to receive said refrigerator
4. Go get my landlord's truck and bring it to higher ground while listening to the song "Higher Ground" by Steve Wonder
5. Go grocery shopping with the masses, and try not to get bullied by the overzealous people in storm prep mode
6. Come home and have an indulgent storm weekend to include (but not be limited to) reading, watching movies, opening my new fridge to enjoy it in all it's glory, cooking up a storm (hehehe), and sleeping in entirely too late.

I do want to take a moment to stress that IS IMPORTANT to be prepared for the storm; there is a state of emergency in my state of Delaware as well as many other states, and all laws and rules of preparedness should be strictly observed. By Monday, the storm should be over and hopefully everything will be back to normal, but until then, I urge everyone to be safe!

Happy Hurricane Irene everyone! 

Cookbook of the Month: August

I positively love to cook. It is one of the things in life that just really gets me in the zone and it is so satisfying. I learned to cook through various cookbooks, and I still love to use them, even with all the great information that is out there on the internet... I just love to hold the books in my hand, and lay in bed reading them (yes, I read cookbooks in bed!) So each month, I am going to feature a cookbook of the month.

This month’s feature is Simply in Season by Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert. This cookbook was a wedding gift from our friend Lex, and it is truly a gem. It breaks down the recipes by season, which I really love. While all the seasons are great, and I tend to use this cookbook throughout the year, I have found I use it the most in the summer season.

The summer recipes are amazing, easy, and so fresh... and with the abundance of fruits and veggies in the summertime, it’s easy to find the ingredients for the recipes. The real hook though? The canning recipes!

I am REALLY into canning. It all started last year when my mother-in-law, Chris, and I started canning together. Our hobby has expanded since last year, and now, thanks to this cookbook, I am well on my way to eating yummy canned good all year long.

Some highlights:

Summer Squash Skillet, is a summery mix of zucchini and squash with onions, salt, and pepper and this particular recipe gives you “options” of how to make it. It’s a great way to use up squash as a yummy side dish!

Okra Recipes, there are several okra recipes in the book, and I made two: Fried Okra, and Okra Sauté. The fried okra recipe was my favorite of the two, though both were really awesome! I highly recommend the fried okra, though, as it was easy, and as my father in law said, “tastes like candy!”


Okay, I said I was into canning, and since I have progressed in my skill set since last year, I was ready to take on more complicated recipes. The best part is, these recipes aren’t really all that complicated. I guess canning is half about timing, and the other half about following directions. Either way, I certainly think this cookbook is a winner for it’s canning recipes!

Bruschetta Preserve:
I love bruschetta, and if you, like me, have ever bought it in the store, you know how expensive it can be. Good bruschetta preserve can cost upwards of $10 a bottle!!! This recipe was fairly easy to accomplish, though, I doubled it because I was splitting the bounty with my mother in law. From doubling the recipe, we ended up with 5 pints and 5 half pints of bruschetta.... who going to be eating yummy bruschetta on homemade bread this winter? ME!

Hot Pepper Marmalade:

I had never made a hot pepper marmalade, but when my mother in law suggested it, I thought, “hey why not! We’ve got a recipe for that!” Having a food processor to process the peppers makes this recipe a ton easier, and we actually did it two ways. First, we followed the recipe exactly, which yielded us 5 half pints (not the 6 the recipe said it would).

Next, we doubled the recipe and replaced the chili peppers with jalapeño peppers (because we had an abundance of them) and we got 10 half pints of jalapeño pepper marmalade. YUM! This will be delicious served over cream cheese with crackers, especially around the holidays... and I can’t wait to share it with friends!!!

Some other things from the cookbook I am planning on making? The fruit platz (a traditional mennonite dessert) and pickled green beans (which taste wonderful as a bloody mary garnish!!)

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I am giving this cookbook 4 stars! This cookbook comes in handy all year long while also educating the reader (and cook) on what is in season!

Love, In Seconds

A new study came out that boasts that 1 in 4 men falls in love in “seconds” but as for women? Not so much. The gap really widens. Women just don’t fall in love as easily as men do with only one in ten claiming love at first sight... and what’s more? The men are first to say “I love you” in most cases! Hmph. There’s some statistical catharsis for those of you jaded women.

So what of it? What does it all mean... does it mean that for 1 in 4 men love at first sight is a reality and that women are far more practical minded than we are willing to admit? I just can’t buy into that because when it comes down to it, I happen to believe in love in first sight.

When I met my husband, I think I pretty much felt compelled to be near him. Was it love at first sight? Well, I certainly it was lust at first sight... maybe it was love. Statistically, though, I guess this study proves right for us. He was the first one to say “I love you.” He knew, sure. But I knew, too, even though I was playing coy.

Real, true love is probably different for everyone. But I guess I buy into the notion of how a large portion of men tend to fall in love: all at once. It’s how I fall in love, too. I like that a lot men just know immediately... it sort of makes me feel a sense of comfort in this uncertain world. Because if you can’t be certain of your love, well, what the hell can we be sure of???

So if it still hasn't happened to you, don't fret. It could happen in an instant!! Though, I will say another study came out that said Americans are more uptight about love than our European counterparts.... thoughts?!

What's Cooking: Birthday Edition!

So it was my birthday Saturday, and it's now official: I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20. It doesn't bother me one bit... in fact, I like it. The older I get, the ore comfortable I become with myself and the world around me. I like getting older; anyway, it seems natural! Haha.

So what did I eat on my "over the 25 hump" birthday?! Oh, it was a feast! Rather than going out, we decided to order in lobsters, freshly steamed from my favorite place, Steamers!!! I got the "big guy" who weighed in at just over 3 pounds! YUM!

My giant lobster!
To go along with the lobster, we had array of summer salads, as well as some corn on the cob! I also made fried okra, which was like "candy" (in the words of my father in law!)

For dessert, my mom brought some amazing cupcakes, made by Annabella's restaurant in Lewes. They were completely and utterly delectable! My friends and family really topped off the evening by providing me with the best company I could wish for!

These cupcakes knocked my socks off! 
After the big birthday bash, which was a total blast, we had left over lobster galore. So what's a gal to do? Make lobster thermidor, of course!!! Since I was nursing a hangover from all the wine, my awesome husband took to the grocery in search of ingredients, and we made a thermidor of our leftovers, and served it with mashed potatoes (the perfect companion for sopping up extra sauce!)

My lobster thermidor (I think Julia Child would be proud!)

Of my adventures in lobster thermidor, I will say this: it's not nearly as hard as it's made out to be. The most intimidating part must be the steaming of the lobsters. But since we had gotten that out of the way already, we didn't serve the dish in the shell, but instead made a casserole style version. We recently had a delicious thermidor served the same at the Lobster Shanty in Fenwick Island. This version of thermidor was easy as pie and tasted amazing. Perhaps I will give out my recipe, but that is for another post!

It was the perfect post-birthday meal, if you ask me, and went along perfectly with the Caravel ice cream cake my husband surprised me with! What else can I say? I LOVE birthdays!!!! 

BIW Versus Couples' Tats

Leeann Rimes recently got her wedding vows tattooed on her upper back/side area just under her arm... So what does a Bossy Italian Wife think of such a thing? Well, I am married, and I certainly think that my husband and I are going to be together for the long haul, but would I get a permanent artwork on my body to signify our union? The answer is no.

If you ask me, getting a couples tattoo seems like the kiss of death for a relationship... and even if it isn’t an immediate sign the relationship may be doomed, it seems like a desperate attempt to solidify something you should just be able to feel in your heart.

My three tats on my foot
Now don’t go thinking I am all against tattoos or anything---I actually have three tattoos on my foot, and I actually have the same tattoo as another person: my mother. Call it cheesy, but I think it’s kind of cool. My mom and I got matching tattoos of three of the 7 Indian Chakras meaning health, love, and spiritual enlightenment. But that’s my mom--we are never breaking up!!!

I also know a group of friends who call themselves “the rounders” and they all have matching tattoos (also on their feet) that are tasteful and small. Again, though, these are friends. Love is a different beast altogether... even the most permanent unions can crumble under unexpected circumstance and/or behavior. People can be unpredictable, what can I say?

I have known so many people who have gotten tattoos of their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name and then [somewhere along the way] they broke up. Then they’ve got this awful thing to look at--this tattoo that stares them in the face day in and day out. Sure, you can get it covered over with another tattoo, or even get it removed, but you will still know exactly why that scar or other tattoo is there, and it’s like to serve as a constant reminder of things that went sour.

But what about just matching tattoos, you ask? What if they don’t have names on them or anything like that? I have contemplated this before, and I think it’s better than getting your wedding vows, your husband’s name, or even a cheesy ass picture of your lover. Still, when it comes to your body, you really gotta take care and make sure you get something that you will love--no matter what.

There is nothing wrong with being crazy in love with your boyfriend, husband, or significant other. In fact, it’s wonderful to be crazy in love. But before you get a tattoo, think of the “what if” scenarios that could happen.... what if you break up? Will you someday still love that work of art if that were the case? If the answer is yes, then I guess you could go with it. But if the answer is no, then don't do it.

The Gift Of Gab

I talk... like, a lot. In fact, I have spent the better part of my early 20’s learning how to put a lid on it. As a friend recently said, I could “talk to a brick wall,” and to be honest, I probably already have. In my job, most of the time talking a lot can be an asset. People wouldn’t so much like to hear from a writer who has nothing to say, of course.

In life, though, the gift of gab is sort of a rose. It’s beautiful, at times, and at others, it hurts me.

I also have this other “talent” that goes along with my gabby nature: I can put my foot in my mouth with such astounding ease you are left spell bound--sometimes in stitches--by the crap I  just said. Like, for instance, the time I my friend Jen’s mom for the first time. Ugh. That was a beauty.

She’s a school teacher, and as it turned out, I was in school to be a teacher (now that is another story altogether). It is also important to note that in the week preceding my meeting my friend’s mom for the first time, 2 teachers from my former high school had been caught for sleeping with students, and one of them just the previous day. It was all over the news and certainly the topic of discussion in the office I worked at, and just about everywhere.

My friend’s mother asks me what I “do,” and tell her I am in school to be a teacher. She asks me what high school I went to and I say, “Oh Central! Ya know, where all the teachers sleep with the students!” A distinct look of shock came over her face and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had just made a complete fool of myself. My friend is laughing visibly because she thinks this is absolutely hysterical.

I, in my feeble attempt to salvage the conversation, actually make it worse by saying, “You know, it was on the news, that guy was arrested.” ...and I just couldn’t stop myself, “I never had sex with any of my teachers....” She’s nodding her head like and probably thinking something along the lines of I can’t believe this is the kind of company that my daughter keeps.  And cue the mortification.

It was probably around this time (and surprisingly not before this) when I knew I needed to brush up on the art of keeping my mouth shut once in a while. Feeling out who you’re talking to is important, too. This comes NOT from talking, but instead from it’s counterpart--listening. Thank god people are capable of change. Sure, I may be a touch bossy and a little innately stubborn, but I am not beyond change, especially when you freak out one of your best friends’ mothers to such a magnitude as I did that particular day.

There is nothing--and I mean nothing--wrong with having something to say. I have things to say all of the time. But the ways in which we say them really are important. It’s like that thing my mom kept harping on when I was a child (that still rings in my head and makes me feel like my mother every time I say it to my husband) “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

Though sometimes, it really IS just what you say..... and those times, as I get older, I like to put more distance in between. I am quite sure that I will continue to (occasionally) put my foot in my mouth. Heck, it’s only natural. But I also value the art of conversation, and I’m striving to perfect my art by trying to listen more.

Some of us--maybe even you--are born with the gift of gab. It’s a great gift and probably why some people like us... but to keep relationships healthy and two-sided, we have to be great listeners who also respond accordingly. I am still working on this, and sometimes I have to remind myself of this because, really, who wants to listen to a bossy Italian wife dish it out if she can’t also take it???

What's Cooking?

In my kitchen, I love to use a lot of fresh ingredients when ever I can. Summer is one of the best times for fresh cooking! 

In an effort to inspire the culinary exploratory attitude in others, I have decided I will post pictures of what's cooking up in my kitchen!

 Here is what I made the other night:

Pork roast stuffed with garlic and basil and then marinated in garlic,
basil, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and olive oil.
Cooked at 375 for 45 minutes (or 20  minutes per pound)

Fresh okra (one of my summer favorites!) which I made a sauté  from.

The finished dinner: pork roast, sautéed okra, and corn on the cob

Michelle Bachman & The "Submissive" Wife

So there was the first Republican candidate debate the other night, and I didn’t watch it because I am a little bit over politics in it’s current form. My husband, though, watches an inordinate amount of news, so I get a fair amount of information. Of course, the whole Michelle Bachman submissive wife question has been plastered on the news and internet for days and it was largely unavoidable.

In case you were lucky enough to avoid it until now, basically the moderator asked Michelle Bachman if she would be “submissive” to her husband if she was president. The question stemmed from a bible quote Bachman made when speaking about the time her husband wanted her take some specific major in college she wasn’t fond of. She quoted the bible’s verse on being a submissive wife.

When it came to the debate, she took the opportunity to deflect both her statement and her stance on religion by saying that she and her husband had a relationship based on respect. The audience booed the question to begin with--seemed aghast that it would be asked in the first place. The whole thing was a little reminiscent of a spectacle, but it wasn’t fully baked.

The truth is, I thought that the question was fair and well=played by the moderator. I also happened to think that Bachman really got in the game with her answer. She even sounded nearly intelligent. I still don’t like her though. And to add insult to the situation, Sarah Palin even scoffed at the notion of being submissive to any man--even saying that her husband would never presume to tell her what to do!

As for me? It left me and my husband laughing at the idea of a submissive wife. I say that a man should be submissive to his wife!! This isn’t biblical times, thank god. While I think that religion is great and obviously works for some people, I think that you must realize that some things (even in religion--gasp!) are outdated stabs at trying to control some people or tailor behavior in the context of biblical times.

This would be one of those things... Michelle Bachman.

While I totally don’t think that Bachman would be “submissive” to her husband in the presidency, I am endlessly tired of religion being a ruler by which we measure politicians. For this reason, I think that the question she was presented with was fair because it exposed her level of religiousness. How religion can trump feminism, especially for a woman in this day and age, is utterly beyond me.

How she can agree with the fact that her husband counsels people to “not be gay” is a fucking joke. Her weird little suggested reading list that boasts slavery? Ignorance at it’s finest. And her comments on how the founding fathers fought to end slavery were distinctly Sarah Palin-esque. What can I say? Bachman’s got “chutspa” (pronounced hoot-spa!) and not the good kind.

In actuality, Bachman would not be and is not submissive to her husband at all. She’s submissive to her religion. One is just as bad as the other in my book, and in this case, one might even beget the other one.

A Bossy Italian Wife would never allow a man or god to order her around because she’s got too much purpose for all that. What should dictate politics, and even religion, if you ask me, is kindness. And these comments by Michelle Bachman seem anything but kind to woman, gay men and women, and those who fight for equality in this country.

Ms. Bachman, the American people are not submissive.

Bossy Italian Wife Vs. Final Destination Movies

OMG. Tonight is the opening of what is sure to be a 3D blood extravaganza... Final Destination 5. When the first Final Destination movie came out, the year 2000. I was 14 years old, and Devon Sawa was in it. So I went to see it. The movie itself was okay... I liked it a little, that is, for a horror movie.

I just have never been that into horror movies, and there are several reasons why. They are as follows:

-They often get stuck in my head, and I think about them for day after disturbing day
-I find that the ones which contain violence make my stomach hurt
-I find much of the violence to be pointless
-They generally have weak story lines
-Sometimes they downright scare me, and I do not like the feeling of being scared

Still, there are a few movies that I really, genuinely like. For instance, The Shining. It is one of my favorite movies. I don’t find it too gory and the story line is awesome. I guess the picture I am trying to paint is one of justification on why I watched the second Final Destination movie when it came out in 2003. I did watch it. Because I liked the first one well enough... it didn’t keep me up for days contemplating my own death.

The second one, though, was a distinct let down. It was so much worse than the first (and the first was just a tolerable horror movie alternative for me) At the time I guess I had a lot of friends who liked to go see scary movies or something which I attribute to being in high school. In any case, the second Final Destination movie was such a let down that I would have never watched the third one. Let alone a fourth one. Or a fifth one!!!

I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw that there was going to be a fifth Final Destination movie. I mean, who is watching this garbage? And how in the world have they come up with enough ways to die to fill FIVE movies?! I mean, that is a lot of gore, and a lot of death.

Perhaps what I don’t understand about scary movies is why people like being scared at all. I don’t like that rush of adrenaline that makes me feel like I am going to die. I don’t like the feeling of heart jumping into my throat. But even more than that, I hate wasted budgets on crappy films that have no creative value.

In my personal opinion, I don’t see the value of these movies. I’m not saying that they cause people to go out and commit violent acts or anything, but I will say that they certainly can’t be helping. Of course there are movies that are mind bending like The Shining, that contain violence--but the violence isn’t senseless or even meaningless.

So will I be going to see the 3D opening of Final Destination 5 tonight? Hell to the no. I’d rather have a great bottle of wine than see a bunch of teenagers get picked off in 3D... I’d rather go see The Smurfs in 3D, or something with a bit more of a story line, but that’s just me. Do you like these movies??? Tell me why in the comments below!!!

Ode To Basil

My basil plants 

Basil: the little green leaf that packs a big, flavorful punch. It is my cooking companion. It’s a staple of the Italian kitchen, or maybe any kitchen for that matter. It’s a spice that I just can’t live without, that is for sure. It’s a necessary item for nearly any recipe I am going to make. It goes so seamlessly into nearly any dish, which is what makes it super spice in my book.

What you may not know is that basil is a part of the mint family. It is evident in the taste of the spice when you eat it fresh off the plant, but perhaps harder to detect when the spice is dried. From salad Caprese to soups, sauces, and pasta, basil is a necessary ingredient.... which is why I planted 7--count ‘em seven-- basil plants in my garden this year. What can I say? I am a fan of basil, nay, a basil groupie!

There are things that you just cannot have enough of in life and they are as follows:

Olive Oil

So, to honor one of my favorite spices, I have written this poem. It’s an ode to basil, Bossy Italian Wife style! Enjoy!

Ode to Basil:

Soup, sauce and pasta too
only my super duper spice will do. 
I want some basil--fresh is you please-- 
I’ll put it on heavy with parmesan cheese. 

Basil, I love you, you green leafy spice
You make my life so amazingly nice. 
With tomatoes, or veggies, or any old thing, 
You make my taste buds dance and sing. 

I’ll grow you in dirt, or I’ll sprinkle you on dry, 
Oh how I wish you were a giant green guy! 
You would taste so yummy and be so versatile, 
I know you would be an Italian with style! 

You make my food better than any other spice
I can put you anything from pasta to rice. 
You pair so well with so many great foods, 
Not to use my dear basil would be just rude! 

Modern Version of an Old Classic

It’s my first “official” Bossy Italian Wife [BIW] post, so I thought we could take a moment to get to know one another. I’m Billie, a nearly 26 year old wife and freelance writer who enjoys cooking, bloody marys, and hanging out with my pets. I have been blogging for a year and a half in various capacities while I finish my second book (which will actually be the first book I’m going to publish.)

I have also been working at various newspapers during that time, and I even landed my own column this summer at Beach Paper, called Beach Beat. It’s a great gig that has also been fabulous fun.

Back to why we’re here: my newest creation, Bossy Italian Wife. You might be asking yourself, why bossy? Well, ya know, it’s one of those phrases that gets tossed around a lot, particularly at women who embrace their liberty in the work place (or virtually anywhere else in life). When people are trying to be positive about this attribute, they say things like, “You really know what you want in life and how to get it.”  Yep, I sure do!

That’s why I am embracing my bossy-hood-ness as part of my image. Some people will see this as a good thing (and given that you are still reading this post, you are likely to be one of them, and thanks, by the way!)

Now for the Italian part, I am also Italian. I am Sicilian on both sides of my heritage. This is another one of those things that gets thrown around to be negative (yes, even in our modern times, and can I also say, yea, I can’t believe it, either!). And how ironic is it that people also associate being bossy with being Italian? This is why I consider myself a modern version of an old classic: the bossy Italian wife paradigm... you see where I’m heading?

Italian women are known for their ability to be the neck of the family. You know, the men are the head, and they think that they are, in fact, running things. But the women, they are the neck, and the neck can turn the head any way she wants to. Also, Italian women are loud and they are proud. We are a bit of a brutish sort in the classical sense of the word... we are quick to speak up if we do not like something, but we are also very loyal.

Like my grandmother, for instance. She is a very Italian woman--always ready to feed you, and likely to scold you for something. Loving and swift--all in the same lady. Then there’s my mother, always ready to give you something or help you in some way, but also to give you advice you didn’t even know you didn’t want to hear. And then there’s me: always ready to feed you and probably to give you some advice that I think you ought to heed.

I am a classically bossy Italian wife, and I am proud of it. I am on a journey of love and marriage with my husband, as well as my own personal journey of being a writer, and then there’s my hobby of cooking, of which I am passionate. These things have now rolled into one spectacular place for the world to see on BIW. I hope that you will enjoy my posts, recipes, advice, and more as I explore food, marriage, and everything in between!!!