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When I'm not busy being a Bossy Italian wife, I work locally as a Public Relations Coordinator and Specialist. In addition, I publish on other platforms whenever the opportunity presents itself. From postpartum, to parenting, to marriage and more, I am so thankful to be able to share my writing and experiences with the world.

Please take a moment to check out some of my [other] work. 

Birth Without Fear Blog 
A guest blog post I did on my postpartum period. I was very honored to be a part of this blog (and community) that I SO admire.

One of the coolest things to happen in recent history was being picked up by Time.com! Check out my piece on there, and have a drink for me. I love these types of moments!!!

Why I Hate Gratuitous Childhood Graduations 

The Honestly Podcast
My friend and co-host Paul Baumbusch and I are having a ball over at Honestly, where we tell it like it is! We don't always agree, but the conversation is always lively. Please check it out!


A fun website from the creators of Jane magazine. Check me out on my profile page, or the individual links listed below: 

It Happened To Me: I Got Caught in a Mom War

5 Things Not to Do Or Say to a Pregnant Woman

Unpopular Opinion: I Hate All These Gratuitous Childhood Graduations

The Shore Life Magazine

A wonderful glossy magazine, as well as a website, this magazine has a focus on Delaware beaches, but travels the world! 

Bethany Beach Profile

HuffPost Live

One really fun thing I have been doing lately is commentary spots of HuffPost Live--The Huffington Post's new online television network where the public frames the conversation. Check out my spots, and join the conversation for yourself!

Dude You're Not Italian!            Community Sound Off               Hot on HuffPost

Talking Tax Codes                     Community Sound Off               Christmas Gifts

Newborn Becomes Web Star     Honesty Gets The Job                Mark Sanford

Grandma Drug Sentence           Siri's Origins                               Jim Carey's Gun Tweet

Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentencing     Kim K Leaving Her Show?       GOP Rep in Gun Control

Apple's Magic Gone?               Illegal Immigrants                      Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatment

Italian-American Stereotypes  Relish W/ Daphne Oz                  Talking Sex w/ Dan Savage


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life!

We had about a million of these books when I was growing up and guess what? I am published in the new Chicken Soup for the Soul: Married Life book! It came out in stores on May 29, 2012--so don't forget to pick up your copy. My story is called "The Sweet Thereafter" and it's number 58! What's better than a little Chicken Soup... for the Soul?!

Kaia Magazine

Kaia Magazine is an awesome e-zine with a focus on living a green and sustainable lifestyle. I have written a few sex columns for them! And I kicked it off with this great article for Valentine's Day. Share the love, people, share the love! (And, if possible, do it greenly!) 

Talking About Sex

Dear Wendy

I did a stint on Dear Wendy as a guest columnist and it was a total ball. Dear Wendy is one of my favorite websites and even though my stint there has come to a close, you should totally check this site! Wendy gives advice for all sorts of situations that people find themselves in and is known for being equal parts honest and compassionate.

Check out some answers I gave as a guest columnist:

Funny Uncles?                          I hate my friend's boyfriend

Beach Paper

From 2011 to 2014, I had a Column in Beach Paper. It was fun while it lasted! Now, I still do features for Beach Paper, which is still a blast.

My column, Beach Beat, in Beach Paper ran weekly, and covered the beach areas from Milton to Dewey to Fenwick Island During the summer months. Check out some of my past columns!

Going Green on Delmarva

Check out some of my "green" writing from Going Green on Delmarva, a local magazine about environmentally friendly stuff!

Green Art Form Takes Flight                     Hari Cameron/ Nage Article

Green Holiday Season                               Slow Food Delmarva

The Coastal Point Newspaper

The Coastal Point Newspaper is a local publication.

AquaGreen Roofing                                  Quitting Smoking is Green

Thrive In Life Magazine

Thrive in Life Magazine is a great online publication that serves as inspiration to others. It published [online] for several countries!

Finding a New Normal in Marriage

How Smiling Meditation Changed My Life

Saying "Yes" To My Anxiety


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