Sunday Sports: Wrestling With Your Partner

Last weekend while I was at a girls' dessert party, a few--okay a ton--of my girlfriends told me about how they were "wrestling" with their boyfriends or husbands. This caught me totally off-guard. I had no idea what they meant by "wrestling." Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was my girlfriends giving their boyfriends the smack down WWF style in their living rooms...

It turns out the whole wrestling thing is much more playful than all that, although, everyone had a slightly different version to tell. My one friend said choking (of course, playful choking) was on the menu because they have a safe word. Their safe word is sesame seeds. Obviously their safe word is the BEST part about their wrestling because now all I can imagine is them yelling "sesame seeds!" at one another.

Another one of my friends said that it was more like playful slapping and rolling around and stuff. One said that sometimes you gotta kick a man's butt to show him who's boss (and I rather liked that notion.) My other friend said she always loses, but she liked it. What they could all agree on was that the wrestling was a great way to get out tension and lead up to foreplay.

Fast forward to a few days later, and I'm still focused on this wrestling.  I am getting together with my mom, who is a serial monogamist (and we love her for that!) So I ask her, "Mom, do you wrestle? Like with your boyfriends?" She very casually says, "Yes, especially in the beginning of the relationship." Oh. My. God! Even my mom is wrestling?!

I was floored. All this time...these some odd nine years (but who's counting?) I have not been wrestling with my husband. I felt like I was missing out. How come no one told me?!

What bothered me about it was also the fact that this wrestling thing is supposed to be playful... and I have trouble with violent play, I guess. Like, at the party, I said to my girlfriends, "What do you think the Dalai Llama would say about this?" Yes, I actually said that. But the truth is, maybe I have lost a little bit of my playful side in this relationship. And maybe that is a problem.

So I marched home--determined to wrestle with my husband. I approached him when he was sitting on the couch... and I did a little playful wrestling. I like a little playful wrestle-biting. And maybe a little foot-on-foot action. It was funny... a little awkward, at first perhaps.

You know what? It wasn't that hard. Now, I am no pro at this yet--it may take some time to master the art of the playful wrestle--but I feel like it's heading in a good direction. I felt more playful and that is a step in the right direction. And maybe it will lead to a release of pent up aggression that we never knew we needed!

So tell me, do you wrestle with your significant other??? What are your special wrestling techniques? 


  1. We wrestle playfully....and hardly ever in a sexual way... sometimes the girls even join in and we all gang up on Matt. Its fun if its all of us or if its just the two of us...we even "wrestle" in the bathroom while brushing our teeth to get more of the sink... its a lighthearted playfulness that always puts us in a good mood.

  2. I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When I was still with my husband there were times play got to serious, lol. Certain holds and positioning however can come in handy when you want to 'take control' in the bedroom. ;)

    1. My wife and I sometimes playwrestle, and I usually win. The exceptions is when she get her legs around my body and squeeze. Then I have to give in!

  3. My husband said something about women being so much weaker the other day when we looked at a tv show where a man wrestled a woman AND LOST! I said that it didn't look like men were that much stronger seeing this rather strong looking man loosing to an equally strong looking woman. I have been working out for a long time, three times a week while my husband plays golf and tennis, never touched a weight in his Life. I told him that I could probably take him in a wrestling match since my legs were so much stronger than his, something that was very obvious seeing our legs beside each others, mine in black pantyhose and his in shorts, like sticks. I took hold of his hands and he tried to get loose, we were both surprised that he couldn't move his arms at all. My grip was strong and he vinces when I squeezed his arms with my strong hands. I have been a gymnast as a kid and always been working out while my husband due to good genetics is slim and sinewy. I dragged him to the middle of the room and took him down and just pinned him! There was no way he could stop me. I think we both realized now that I was a lot stronger than him. We wrestled for about an hour and I Think I pinned him 15 times at least. I felt so strong and dominant, he was very quite but he didn't want to stop. I Think he was embarrassed being so outclaassed physically but also turned on being womanhandled, squeezed between my nylon clad thighs, pressed against my breasts and pinned helpless under my where I was siggint with his head between my thighs.

  4. Holy crap Anonymous, that is the hottest thing I have read in a while. I just struck a nerve and I guess I am closet dom. I've never been into wearing leather or dressling like some sort of a vampire - but the thought of pinning my man between my muscular thighs (I was a dancer and now run and lift weights - petite but strong legs) and making him say uncle, and then making him do other Anyway, I read this and went right to the den where my husand was reading. I challenged him to an armwrestle, knowing i'd lose. But then we got to playfully wrestling and I trapped his head between my legs. It was electric. the best part though was how hard he got, even as he had to admit that I won. Clearly he loved it as much as me and we had the best sex ever!

    I think I found a new fetish.

  5. Me and my wife wrestle all the time. I tought her how to wrestle and in those day none of us tought what was going to happen later. In the years she became more ambitious in wrestling and she always won. She is fast and strong. Now both of us knows, that she is faster and stronger than me, much stronger. About 60 % of her strength is enough to defeat me. When she grabs my wrists, she can push them behind me and I cant stop her, she can force my hands to pin me anytime. She was sporting more actively than me. She is lighter tahn me with about 25 kgs, but can defeat me anytime in wrestling, can bend my arms anywhere and I cant resist her. Now she enjoys that she can do whatever she wants to me, can pin me, tickle me as long as she wants, grapevine me and looking down at me, sitting on me andI cant stop her. She knows that and really likes to be stronger han me. In armwrestling, she can push my arm down on the roght and on the left to. Im not a weak guy, even I look sronger than her, but when we wrestle, her hiding feminine muscles jump out and are definitely stronger than mine.
    She plays with me and doing one hold after the other one, bending and grabbing me, forcing me to the next hold and I just trying to resist to her feminine and strong body, but it is in vain. She toys with me. I make videos, and it is unbelievable, how she can overpower me all the time. It is a shame, hw much weaker I am, who thought before that I am a strong guy. But now Iknow, that a fit women can overpower me easly and even she enjoys her dominance over me.
    all women likes to be stronger than men, and when a woman knows hat, she is stronger than the man, after than she will use her strenght to remind the man who is really the stronger one.
    She likes to grab my wists and strech my arms on the sides, putting me "on the cross" and I cant bend my arms to myself, or she pushing my arms over my head in the bead while i lay under her helplessly and I cant move. She knows, that I cant resist her strength and looking down at me with a winner face, that shows she enjoys this position.
    We tryed a couple times, if she can tie up my hands behind my back with a sock. She could do it both times while I was trying to resist but she did it.
    Its amazing how a woman can fight if she wants.
    I think a man has to be really stronger and faster if he wants to win against a woman.
    Women and girs are usually faster than men, and usually wifes are stronger if they are in the same height and weight like their husbands.
    If you dont beleive it, try it. You will be surprised, how strong the women are.

  6. Love being squeezed by my wife's strong thighs!

  7. awesome article!! my ex wife and I wrestled many times over the years in our marriage. It was fun and erotic and good foreplay. Though I have to admit, in the beginning when she won it was a huge ego blow, but she got an early advantage on that first match and never let up in a very one sided match. I was shocked but she was not. Well I figured it was just luck and she got the advantage early on so we went at it a couple more times over the next couple of weeks. Though they were not as one sided, she would not submit and I learned that as the matches went on longer, I tired and weakened much faster and found myself pinned under her and exhausted. At this point she was calling herself the undefeated champ. I think my ego got the best of me and I avoided wrestling her for many years, but I couldn't get it out of my mind over the years and became infatuated with male vs female wrestling. about 10 years later, things were kind of rough for us and there started a struggle for us to maintain the marriage. Some how the wrestling thing came to forefront again and once again as a way to reignite the spark, she put on something sexy and we wrestled. I started off great and thought I had her, but with her flexibility and also using her legs for the first time in a match, she managed to bend her body, getting her legs over my shoulders and trapping my head in her thighs. Oh how it felt my head was going to cave in and I spent the next several minutes and a lot of energy trying to escape her leg hold, but shortly after I found myself trapped in them again. She turned that hold into sitting high on my chest, my left arm pinned painfully under her knee as it dug into my bicep, the other arm being held down as she held my wrist, a smooth strong thigh against my face with her womanhood near my chin as she looked down at me, grinning. Since that match, she learned that her legs are strong enough to sap my strength and make me spend a lot of energy trying to escape and she became very good at using her strong legs, so some of later matches were very one sided. This really did spark our sex life and relationship and we started wrestling more. unfortunately, she still wanted to pursue a different life path and we divorced but she maintained her undefeated record at 11-0-1 over the years. There was a draw , long match and an important phone call stopped us. We still talk a lot and are friends and occasionally the wrestling is mentioned as does her undefeated champion status is mentioned. who knows, since we are friends after the divorce, maybe we can wrestle again some time, I do miss it. David

  8. My wife and I occasionally wrestle and its a lot of fun. One carzy night after having a few drinks with some friends my wife challenged her best friend to wrestling match. To my shock my wife lost badly. But It was probably the hottest thing that I have ever seen. Hopefully a rematch is in the making.

  9. I'm a small woman (5'0") but very strong and solid. I've beaten several of my boyfriends and a few male co-workers over the years wrestling and arm-wrestling. I have a strong dominant side and I love the feeling of a larger man helpless and pinned beneath me. Most (not all) of the guys I've beaten admitted to getting an erotic thrill out of losing to me, and the sex afterwards is fantastic!!!

  10. Pixie, I have been seeing a woman who is 4'11, she is 51 I am 48. She told me from the beginning of meeting her that she has very strong legs that she got from her mother. We have played around a little and she kept saying she would squish my head like a grape with her legs. I just laughed it off at first but I have since felt the power in her legs. I now know how incredibly strong her legs are. Where I have upper body strength over her, I have on both occasions ended up losing because I was constantly fighting off her legs and finally she would end up trapping me and at that point I was sapped of energy there was no way I was getting out of her leg lock. Some guys just wont accept and admit that a woman can beat a man at wrestling and I use to be like that, but I have learned from a woman 8 inches shorter than me has made me submit 2 times now.

    1. Wow, that's great you can accept a smaller woman can beat you. Did the two of you make love after wrestling? It's the best foreplay there is. I like to ride my BF after pinning him and flex my biceps, he starts kissing them, I always come!

  11. yes we did..but what was even more incredible for me and I think even more so for her, while squeezing me she had incredible orgasms that would not stop. One night she was squezzing me with her thighs, me moaning in pain and her moaning in pleasure. After we stopped she wanted a cigarette, we went outside and she said, oh my gawd,, this wont stop. After that we went for round 2, she wanted me to hold her down.

    So I laid on top of her, wrapped my legs around hers, held her wrist above her head and pressed my upper body weight into hers. She said are you ready, I said yes you are not going anywhere. she twisted, and moved, struggled a little with her arms but more so with her legs. It took several minutes but my legs were just not strong enough to contain hers, she is right, her legs are very strong. At this point with her legs free from my grasp, her rolling and moving around was harder to maintain. she started putting more effort on not only freeing her arms, but planting her foot and using her leg strength to try and roll us over.

    of course at this point, my ego is getting shattered even more, I am struggling keeping her down and getting tired from the exherted effort to keep her pinned. The more ground she made the more she seemed to get energized and increase her efforts and t hen in one quick move, she planted her foot, pressed with all her leg power and same side arm, rolled us over and she was on top. She immediately intertwined her legs with mine and shoved them out, (I she was much taller it would have been very painful, but her short legs could only stretch me out so far). during all of this, I lost control of her one wrist, she grabbed mine and eventually she was able to free the other and held me t here.

    She then said ok its your turn, see if you can get out, smiling at me. we both knew I would not be able to. I gave some effort but I was worn out.

    Of course she wanted to see if the squeezing between her thighs would have the same reaction so she got off me and put me in another scissor hold, and yes same outcome with intense orgasms for her.

    1. Do women have an advantage when scissoring?

  12. I had this fetish since I can remember. Since we were going out, my wife would fulfill my fantasy once in a while. We setup a wrestling match that goes back and forth, with scissors and breast smothers, maybe some fake punches. Our struggle is as real as we can without hurting each other, but I shall always be the loser (that's my fetish). So she either locks me and starts masturbating while I struggle or I feign a knockout and she masturbates me while limp. It's very erotic for me. She does not get aroused by it, but sometimes I'm able to give back the favor.

  13. Well, I've always been really small in stature for a guy(I'm currently only around 5'4) and not very strong either. So I was often getting picked on by girls who are taller and stronger, particularly in school. But more recently I have a female co-worker who is around 5'11 and very heavy. She likes to push me around and humiliate me by tackling me to the floor on my back and then sitting on my chest, pinning my arms under her legs. Once she gets me in this position there is nothing I can do about it, since I am completely trapped under her weight, I can't buck her off or wiggle out from underneath her(no matter how hard I try). This usually happens either during lunch our, or at the end of the work day(sometimes both). She'll usually keep me pinned down for 30 minutes to an hour, or longer, depending on the time of day. And sometimes she'll even invite some of her female friends around the office to watch, which only makes it more humiliating for me. I keep telling her that one day I'll manage to get the better of her. She usually laughs and says "keep dreaming!"

  14. My wife and i wrestle quite a bit.She took jiu jitsu formany yrs so i usually end up like a human pretzle lol Or just imobilized and pinned down lol She love to win!

  15. When we were more active sensually, my wife and I never wrestled, but she would hold me in a grapevine which got to me. Two girlfriends did wrestle and one was very competitive. I wish we had advanced further together sensually as she had a thing about being on top. Had we engaged together while wrestling, rather than after my head pops thinking about it. Another GF would get on top and inside while I tried to get out. Good for both of us and again, had we continued she was working to get stronger up top and could have held me down legitimately.

  16. I've started wrestling my husband and we love it. I work out and he mainly doesn't and I wasn't totally surprised to find that my legs are stronger than his.

  17. I realised that after marriage when I started wrestling my wife .she picked up the moves faster and would most of the times trap me in her thighs and I had no choice except to surrender .Gradually I realised she hated to loose and improved to an extent where I was always struggling to stay in a match .once we were fighting a submission match and after some time she started toying with me trapping me in her thighs and turning and twisting me . ultimately she applied a scissor hold and began pressing .I was getting choked and ultimately about to pass out when I tapped .Never knew a woman had so much power in her thighs but she was the better fighter and a deserving winner so I never felt ashamed loosing to her .

  18. Happy Beat HusbandMay 23, 2017 at 2:42 AM

    I love that more people are writing about this. My wife played soccer in college and has really strong legs and core. I think even when we dated we knew she was a bit dominant and would play fight a bit but it was always a bit of an act. Flash forward to after our first kid was born and her getting back into shape. It seems the trainers now are all encouraging more heavy weights, especially for legs. Her ass has never looked better but the sicker part is that we play wrestled again and this time she caught me in her legs until I had to give. And we both loved it. Now she has been watching videos and knows a zillon ways to leg jail me. It ends with me giving her oral. Win win.

  19. Ive wrestled my wife for many years and she being into fitness and bodybuilding for many years is a strong girl, but Ive always managed to beat her. Its just very hard for a girl to become stronger than a man but I agree its fun! And I really dont know how I would react if she managed to beat me one day :-) But I love her fit body and that she loves to carry muscles with pride!

  20. My wife and I have been very physical - tickling, wrestling, etc., forever. After our third kid, she had a bit of post partum and a new strength training regime really ended that. Like the poster above, we both could not believe how strong she got, especially her legs (and she looks amazing) I am an athlete and workout a bit but mainly play sports with my older boys. So when we wrestle now, it is really a whole different ballgame and we both get really hot and bothered if she can catch me in hold. We are like teenagers again.

  21. Feisty Little FianceAugust 8, 2017 at 10:22 AM

    I am a petite girl, only 5'1 and about 105 but I have always had really strong legs. My new trainer has me squatting and deadlifting and generally doing more strength. My fiance mocked it a bit but I think he really just wanted to get us wrestling. When we do, he always finds a way to get between my legs and have me squeeze him till he taps. The two of us were the most plain vanilla sex people until we got into this and now we realize that we are a bit s&m ish. We just get so freaking turned on from it and especially when I can "win". I found this because I was googling wrestling with your husband. I think you should write more on it if you still do it.

  22. My beautiful wife Becky, age 34, is 5'8" and 140 pounds. She works out at
    the gym four days a week. I am 6'3" and 180 pounds. We often playfully
    wrestle and in the ten years of our marriage I have never gotten the best
    of her. No matter what I do to avoid her gorgeous legs from scissoring me
    she always finds a way to get me locked between them. Over the years I
    have been forced to submit and beg for her mercy imprisoned in reverse
    head scissor, front scissor, side scissor, figure four, on my knees in
    standing scissor and many times draped over side of bed in with my neck
    between her thighs in standing scissor at which time she will give me a
    spanking. I know my upper body is stronger than my wife's but I have not
    at yet been able to make her give in before I end up between her legs and
    rendered helpless in an inescapable scissorhold.

  23. Since teenage I have had an addiction for attractive women with beautiful
    legs and a fetish to be scissored between them and rendered helpless. My
    wife fulfilled my addiction and fetish as we frequently wrestle and knowing
    how I love her legs she is very adept at using them. When she gets my neck between her solid thighs scissors her legs and locks her ankles I
    am completely helpless and her submissive servant to do as she commands.
    She will use pulsating pressure on my imprisoned neck and always reach an
    orgasm. When she is sexually stimulated and satisfied she then put me in
    a reverse head scissorhold and gives me a hand job until I cum. Our sex
    life is terrific as are her legs and how she can use them locking me in
    various scissor holds.

  24. I noticed Anonymous August 13 and 14 stories DO NOT go all the way across
    the page like all the other stories. How do I know when I send you a story
    that it will not be cut or shortened like the August 31 and 14. I am sure
    your followers and contributors would appreciate some guidance.
    MY name is Bob and I am from Kentucky

  25. I was embarrassed and humiliated by my wife Joyce in front of friends. My
    wife Joyce and I were at a house party with three other couples. Enjoying
    snacks and drinks we were all gathered in the living room. My wife and I
    were sitting on the floor with our backs resting against the sofa. I was
    to the right of my wife and when she whispered in my ear she discovered a
    black head. I don't know why females love to squeeze black heads. My wife
    was in shorts with her gorgeous legs on display. She placed my head on her thigh to get at the black head. Her finger nails dug in but the pain
    made me knock her hand away. She told me not to be a baby and hold still.
    Tried again but black head wouldn't come out and I yelled in pain from
    her nails digging into my ear. My wife pulled my head back toward her
    lap while lifting right leg and placing it over my neck forcing me down
    to her thigh. She crossed her legs locking the ankles securing my neck
    in a scissor hold. I could not budge as her legs had me helpless. In this
    position she had easy access to my ear and keeping me in the scissorhold
    she painfully removed the black head. She turned my head to look in the
    other ear where she happily found two black heads. Tightening her legs to
    my neck she proceeded to remove those black heads. All the while she had
    me in the scissor hold the other three couples were having a great time
    over my situation laughing and teasing me over how helpless I was locked
    between my wife's legs. Finally she released me and proceeded to inform
    the other wives how she always beats me with her legs when wrestling that
    there is no way he can get loose once I have his neck scissored. Believe
    me this experience was extremely embarrassing and even humiliating.

  26. My husband and I frequently wrestle. He is 6'1 and 175 pounds, I am 5'8"
    and 135 pounds. He is addicted to my shapely legs and gets hard when he
    kisses and caresses them. What really brings him to an orgasm is when I
    have him scissored between my legs. He experiences sexual stimulating
    satisfaction when I display my legs in hose and high heels. So often
    when wrestling I wear only panties, hose and heels. We wrestle on living
    room carpet and in a matter of seconds I have his neck imprisoned between
    my solid thighs and with legs crossed and ankles locked there is no way
    he can get loose. I keep him in this scissor hold for 30 minutes if he
    tries to pry my legs apart I tighten them in pulsating pressure to his
    neck and get sexually excited seeing him helpless, hearing him pleading
    with me to let him loose. After I have enjoyed an exploding orgasm I will
    tighten my scissor hold until he is whimpering and spewing sperm having
    also enjoyed sexual satisfaction. I just love getting his neck between my
    legs be it a side, front, rear, standing scissor hold. Sometimes when he
    has upset me I will give him a reasonably hard spanking. When giving him
    a spanking I will wait until he undresses at which time I will snap my
    fingers ordering him to kneel in front of me on all fours. He knows then
    he is going to be spanked. I get paddle from dresser drawer then straddle
    his head locking his neck between my thighs, knees, sometimes calves in
    rendering him helpless then give his lightly clad rear end a number of
    hard spanks making him apologize for what he did or didn't do and promise
    to be good.

  27. My wife got me in a hold that escape was impossible. We were playfully wrestling on rec room floor. We both were in shorts and tee shirts. My
    wife is 5'9" and 145 pounds and I am 6'2" and 185 pounds. She got me on
    my stomach with my head pressed between her knees. Then she was able to
    get my left arm secured in the bend of her right leg behind the knee and did same with my right arm in bend of her left leg behind the knee. With
    arms secured she leaned back on her haunches pinning my arms. I could not
    believe how helpless I was. I could not move and as I lay on my stomach
    with arms locked in bend of her legs behind the knees she slid my shorts down to bare my ass and gave me a stinging bare handed spanking. She was
    not angry but just decided to have some fun spanking me while she had me
    rendered me completely helpless.

  28. My husband and I have been playfully wrestling since our marriage. For these 25 years we have enjoyed the physical interaction. A few times he has had the upper hand and able to pin me or make me submit as his arms and hands are so muscular. However, most of the time I am able to get
    him in a scissor hold with his neck locked between my thighs or knees.
    With my legs crossed and ankles locked I can easily render him helpless
    and make him submit and beg for mercy when I decide to apply increasing
    pressure to his imprisoned neck. I have shapely strong legs that easily
    neutralize his upper body strength once I have him in scissor hold.