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This year I am working on getting back to basics with some good books! Here are some of the books that I am a HUGE fan of, and what I am currently reading.

Currently Reading:

I began reading this book (in addition to The Power of Myth) and I'm impressed already. This book was recommended to me first by a friend, and then I heard the title keep coming up in a group I'm in for Spirited Children. It's a book you read through a series of weeks, completing about a chapter a week. This gives you time to practice the techniques and then come back for more. 

It's also a workbook style book, so you should read it with a pencil. The book is very simple to read, with great examples/stories of how to integrate techniques. It's already making a huge difference in the way I speak with my daughter, and I've gotten great so far!! 

A trip into the culture of myth and modernity (as seen through the eyes of Joseph Campbell in the 1980s), this book is presented in interview format. It was written from the transcripts of the PBS special of the same name. During his life, Joseph Campbell was considered to be a modern day philosopher whose ideas were integrated into the pop culture. Following his death in 1989, he was criticized by colleagues and others who said he had a tendency toward bigotry. 

After hearing of his bigotry, I did some research and found the accusations to be palpable. It seems that the philosopher who espoused such great teachings was not a student of his own work! However, having already purchased the book, I decided to read it anyway, with a discerning eye, and see what the text held. I have to say, the philosophy so far is good. And the controversy surrounding the man himself, is certainly worth pausing to consider in light of his ideals. 

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Raising Your Spirited Child is a book that changed my life, and my parenting. Being a parent to a spirited child is wonderful, exhausting, and a great learning experience. If you have a spirited child, the techniques and explanations in this book will certainly help you to better understand your child, their needs and quirks, and probably give you a better understanding of yourself in the process. This book is comprehensive, easy to read, and chocked full of amazing tools to help your family enjoy one another. 

A dystopian look at the future of the United States, this book is timely, and eerie. Well written, mysterious, and full of tension, I was completely taken in. The world created by the author feels close enough to touch. As a woman, I could easily place myself in the character's shoes, which was somewhat unnerving. It is an easy read, and not terribly long, but one of those books that should certainly be on everyone's reading list. 

From the moment I picked this up, I was unable to put it down. Based on a true story of what happened to countless children in the American South during the early 20th century, this book will give you chills. The characters were solid, the story line was well-written and the side by side telling of the modern day tale alongside the mystery of the 1920's left me with a sense of longing, heartbreak, and awe. Do yourself and favor and get lost in this book. 

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