Fresh Goose In The Crock Pot!

I wanted to call this post "Your Goose is Cooked!!!" But I thought that was too I just had to say it. Now that is out of the way, let me also say that I am one lucky gal. You see, my mother and father-in-law have a friend, Danny, who always gets us a few deer to split amongst ourselves in the winter. This has allowed us to almost totally cut store bought red meat from our diets.

Venison is SUCH a healthy meat, and when the hunter is good (like Danny) it tastes simply delicious prepared just as you would any similar cut of beef. Let me just take a moment here to also get on my gamey soap box and encourage everyone to eat freshly hunted game whenever possible. It's so much healthier for you. It's free of antibiotics, has lived a natural life, and is leaner than farm raised meats. That is all.

Our hunter, besides being marvelous at hunting deer, also comes to hunt geese in our back field during the winter. This winter he's been especially lucky and on New Year's Day he got a goose for my husband and I. As he proudly handed us our (completely butchered and cleaned) goose breasts, he declared that is just like "flying roast beef!"

How awesome does that sound?!

I thought that preparation might be difficult or cumbersome, but really it's a breeze! Seriously, it's so simple I could die. I cooked up the breasts in the crock pot on a snowy day with a savory cherry jam my canners and I made this summer. All I added (besides the jam) was a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar (our jam had no sugar at all) and then I let it go all day on low. It was delicious.

If you don't have a cherry jam, you can also use an apricot jam, or a peach jam. Heck, get creative and use whatever jam you fancy!!! Or don't use jam at all, use something else. If you're a rebel.  

I laid a good base of jam and a little brown sugar (two tablespoons). 

Then more jam on top. 

Literally, that's it. 

In 6 or so hours, pull it out and slice it up. It'll look like this. 

Top with your juicy, jammy goodness that has turned into pure goodness!!!!!! 
I served mine with a cheesy cauliflower laced rice I found on Pinterest. It was amazing! 

Goose Breast in The Crock Pot 

Time: 5 minutes active, 6 hrs cook | Serves 2 (easily doubled) | Difficulty: Easy 

You Will Need:

2 goose breasts 
1 pint of jam (your choice, I suggest apricot, cherry, or peach) 
2 tablespoons brown sugar (ONLY IF YOU ARE USING A SAVORY JAM!) 

1 crock pot 


In your crock pot layer half the jam and your brown sugar (if using). Place your breasts on top. Put the rest of the jam on top of the breasts. 

Place the lid on and cook on low for 6 hours. 

Remove the breasts from the crock pot, and slice. The purpose of this is two-fold; first of all, it shreds perfectly like roast beef. Secondly, if your goose was freshly hunted as mine was, you want to be sure there is no shot left in the breast. 

Top with the jammy goodness left in the crock pot and serve with a salad and rice, or kale!!! 

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