Bossy Italian Meditation Review: Perfect Health w/ Deepak Chopra & Oprah

I am positively crazy about meditation these days. Allow me to explain a little here. This year, one of my BIG resolutions was to meditate daily with little to no exceptions. I have done a really good job following through on my daily practice and THEN this summer, I saw that Oprah and Deepak Chopra were teaming up for a relationship orientated meditation challenge.

Next thing I knew, my mom, my mother-in-law and myself were all doing the free challenge and really enjoying the meditative program. Little did I know that once the program ended, I would be left to muddle through unguided meditations and it would leave me jonesing for some Deepak.

A little less than a month ago, I broke down and bought the three program meditation challenge package. I'm addicted to Deepak Chopra and I don't care who knows it! First up? I did the Perfect Health meditative challenge. Health is something I have been really focusing on in my personal life and it seemed like the perfect program to start with.

You get one meditation each day and it comes with a daily message as well as a place to journal where you can answer questions that further the experience as well as a place to reflect on the day's session. This program has meditations that last just under ten minutes (there are guided portions with both Oprah and Deepak that take up another six or so minutes, for a total for about 16 minutes.)

I loved this program. It allowed me to think about the state of my health, the ways in which I could improve it, and most of all, it gave me those 16 precious minutes each day to practice meditation and rejuvenate my body and soul. That is what I love most about these programs: they force you to set aside time for yourself and by the end, you just feel so good.

I enjoy the soothing nature of Deepak's voice, I love Oprah's check-in each day. And it's a great way to get on a program. I keep my time that I practice my meditation flexible only because I feel it's easier to fit it into my day if it's not rigid. I generally end up meditating in the afternoon, but I know that some people might prefer mornings (in the summer, I tend to do mornings a little better.)

Either way, if you are looking to break into meditation, or you already meditate and enjoy a guided experience, this is a great place to start. Visit The Chopra Meditation Center's Website HERE for more information on the programs and to try a free sample of the relationship challenge. You may become just as addicted as me!!!!!! (Which, let's face it, if you are going to be addicted to something, it might as well be meditation!)

**This is NOT a paid opinion. I just genuinely like the program and thought y'all should know about it. All opinions expressed are my own, bossy ones. Over and out! 

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