Ginger Mint Tea

Early on in the breastfeeding journey, I discovered ginger tea. This was because my daughter was gassy and read that drinking ginger tea could help settle her stomach. I am not sure that it made any difference at all, but I did find a new good tea that I really enjoy! Since mint is in season, I use fresh to enhance the tea and it makes for a great flavor.

This is a great tea either hot or iced, so it can go either way, depending on what you fancy.

I use this cool teapot I was once gifted, which has a reservoir for loose tea. I placed a handful of mint (about 10 leaves or so) and one Yogi ginger tea bag it and heated up my water (8 cups) 

Something I love about Yogi tea: it always comes with a message. This one is great, right?! 

Anyway, I poured in my water, and then..... 

My teabag burst. Now, I've been making an awful lot of this tea and the past two times I've felt a bit cursed...last time my favorite iced tea pitcher broke when I poured my hot water in (even though I had made it in that pitcher several times before), and this time a burst tea bag. Even though I had it in the special tea pot, I still had to drain some escaped loose tea. 

I let it steep a good long time (read: I totally forgot about it). This was mostly because I was also busy parenting an infant. But if you don't happen to be dealing with a baby, you can let it steep about 10-15 minutes. 

So this nonsense happened; I had to filter it through a coffee filter into a mason jar. 

But it still tasted great. Also, if you are into a little sweetener, you can throw some raw honey into the mix. Do it before adding the hot water, and you'll be in a sweet tea heaven! 

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