Kim Kardashian's Shiny Ass

Okay, alright....twist my arm...I'll talk about Kim Kardashian's new shiny ass picture on the cover of Paper Magazine. I mean, it seems like everyone else is talking about it, for better or for worse, so why not weigh in? Sometimes I have to take a break from nap time, nursing, and my other wife and mommy duties to talk about some good old fashioned celebrity culture.

First of all, my thoughts immediately go to "DAMN." The woman looks amazing. She's had a baby, and still, she's looking every bit of DAMN. And yet, to accidentally (now) quote Taylor Swift, "haters gonna hate."

I have seen everything from "she's a disgusting human being," to "is this empowering for all women?" So I guess one could say that reactions are running the gamut over the world wide web. I think it's positively amazing that a woman's bulbous ass, which is pristinely oiled might I add, can cause such a stir that leads to such polarization. After all, this isn't exactly the first time we've seen the backside of Ms. Kardashian. Apparently, it never gets old.

Love or hate Kim K, you aren't likely to fall in the grey area. Everyone has an opinion.

For me, I have to say that I am a Kim Kardashian fan. I know that this may surprise some, but I a complete (unashamed) reality television fan. I don't find her vile, or stupid. I find her funny and quirky. I enjoy the Kardashian clan's antics and tom foolery; seriously, it's great TV. And honestly, if it were me, I would probably be oiling up my buns for the camera too. An ass that glorious needs to be shared with the world.

As for the question of whether or not a photo of this nature is "empowering" for all women, well, I'm not sure. I mean, I don't think it moves back in the fight for equality. It's probably very personally empowering...looking great naked, I mean on the real, how can that NOT be empowering on the personal level?! But as for women as a whole? I'm just sure that it's relevant or matters all that much. More than anything, I think this falls into the "give the people what they want" category. But that's just me.

What do you think? 

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