Let Me Tell You About My Village

You always hear people throwing around the phrase "it takes a village." When I was pregnant, I was so aware of this phrase, and I vowed to let that village in; you know, in case I needed them, which I thought I might. Boy was that the best decision I've made in a while! As it turned out, I needed the village.

It really does take a village. From everything from trying to figure out how to put my breast into my child's mouth when my milk came in (holy hell, those things swell!) to needing diapers and clothes, my village was able to surround my family. The funny thing is, even though I was aware that I wanted to let the village in, I wasn't sure who they were. That is, the villagers I speak of, well, some of them were really surprising! So, I wanted to introduce my village because I love them! 

My family & friends 
Oh my gawd. I never knew that when I was having a panic attack/total meltdown, how much I would need my girlfriend Jenn. Or that the instant I gave birth I would love my parents so. Much. More. Or that having my mother-in-law just a mile down the road would become SO essential. These people are in the trenches with my husband and I on the daily and without them, well, let's just not think about that.... 

My zumba family 
My Zumba family has been awesome through EVERYTHING...especially my spotty schedule these days (eek, I swear, I have the best of work out intentions!) But these ladies not only threw me a shower, but also offer support nonstop in the way of advice, gifts, and camaraderie. 

Our bank ladies (aka, Ruby's fan club)
When I was pregnant, the ladies who work at our local Fulton Bank were soon excited for me. And when Ruby was born? Even more! I have been constantly cheered on by this group of people (mostly women, but there is a guy or two who works there), and it fortifies me. And it sure as heck makes getting to the bank a lot more cheerful. 

Our mail carrier, Sharon
When Ruby was born, I was surprised in the best way when our mail carrier Sharon came up the drive with presents for her. It was one of the sweetest things EVER. She brought outfits and a case of diapers. She totally didn't have to do that, but it reallllllly gave us the warm and fuzzies. Faith in humanity? Restored. 

The employees at my grocery store 
This might sound off the wall, but I love these people. I mean, I see them all the time. Plus, I'm freaky about the grocery store--I love grocery shopping! I am always interacting with them about new products, or asking for certain things, et cetera. I enjoy the consistency of seeing them each week and knowing they are there with a friendly smile or asking how we are. And my grocery pharmacist actually knows my name, which I think is just so sweet.

So that's my village. And I love them each and every one. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Tell me  a bit about your village in the comments section below!!! 

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