The Moscow Mule {My New Favorite Drink}

From time to time my husband would see these Moscow mule mugs in stores and mention about how he wanted them. But there was always a reason he couldn't buy that particular one--who knows how this was made, or it's too cheap, or it's too expensive. So, anyway, this year I was so ill during the holiday season that I couldn't get to the store to buy my husband his usual gifts of boxer shorts and such, and instead I found myself online searching for Moscow mule mugs.

As luck would have it, I was able to find a mug that was neither too expensive, nor too cheap, and the materials were not in question, either. So I bought those suckers. And my husband loved the gift. I dare say, he was pretty surprised as well.

Really, I bought them because he heard it was the best way to have his favorite drink: the dark and stormy, which is ginger beer and dark rum. However, on the side of the box, was the recipe for the namesake of the mug: the Moscow mule. And guess what else? It's fabulous!

So, now we have a new favorite drink 'round these parts and it's the Moscow mule. It's going to make a fabulous summertime drink, but in the meantime we are enjoying them here and there in our new mugs. Because, seriously, I had to get two mugs. No one wants to drink alone. Well, some people like to drink alone, but you get the point, right?

Anyway, I love that my husband makes me these, but in case you don't have my husband there to make you a drink, I thought I would share the recipe.

The Moscow Mule

Time: 5 minutes, tops | Makes 1 drink | Difficulty: Easy 

You Will Need: 

2 ounces of vodka 
1 ounce of lime juice 
1 wedge of lime 
1/2 can or bottle of ginger beer
Mint for garnishing 


Fill your cup with ice (as desired, I like four hearty cubes!) 

Pour liquid ingredients over ice and give it a nice stir. Squeeze lime to get a little pulp into the drink. Put the rest of the lime wedge in the drink. 

Garnish with the mint. 

Best served in an official Moscow Mule mug! 

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