Tom Turkey Sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, I love Thanksgiving. It's such a relaxing day and there is so much food. This year we are going to my mom's house for the holiday and it's gonna be a big dinner filled with family and fun! I am really excited. REALLY EXCITED. But as much as I loooooove Thanksgiving Day, there is a day I might like just a smidgen more: the day after.

Why? Tom turkey sandwiches. It is my favorite sandwich, hands down. And this year, because I am pregnant, I haven't had a stitch of lunchmeat in over three months. I can't wait to sink my teeth into my favorite sammie! I'm gonna eat a tom turkey, sip a virgin mary and just love life.

I am so stoked on my favorite sandwich that we make our own turkey despite going to a fully stocked Thanksgiving meal at my mom's house. Actually, this duty falls to my husband who goes to a friend's house where they deep fry turkeys together. It's great because I relax and then a turkey magically appears on my doorstep, cooked a delicious and ready to be eaten! That's bliss, right?

Anyway, I wanted to put this out there nice and early so that you guys can prepare for the Tom Turkey extravaganza.

Here's some lovely leftover turkey. Heeeelllllllooooo. 

Then I made a box of Stove Top. That's right--no frills ladies and 'gents, just all goodness. 

The no frills continues with a lovely can of jellied cranberry! I don't normally buy things in cans, but for these sandwiches, I will make an exception. 

Slather mayo on some bread (I like mine soft, my husband likes his toasted) and then stack it all up: 

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry! 

Doesn't that look perfect? Let's get closer, shall we? 

Yes, that's right where I wanna be: in the thick of the sandwich! 
Nom nom nom! 

Tom Turkey Sandwiches 

Time: You got 10 minutes? | Makes: 4 sandwiches | Difficulty: Easy! 

You will need: 

8 pieces of bread, or 4 sub rolls 
1 box of Stove Top stuffing, cooking according to manufacturer's directions (or leftovers) 
1 can of jellied cranberry 
Leftover turkey, sliced 


Toast bread, if desired. 

Slather your bread with a healthy helping of mayonnaise. Stack the turkey, two slices of cranberry jelly and a big old helping of stuffing on a slice of bread. 

Top with the other piece of bread. Cut in half. 

Eat and try not to swallow all in one bite. (I know, that's a toughy!) 

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