Are We Doing Resolutions?

The other day I was at dinner with my mom and we were talking about New Year's resolutions. Usually I have mine all ready...and if I don't, I at least have a list of things I don't want to repeat again this year. This year, though, I guess it just wasn't on my radar. I swear to god, this whole pregnancy thing makes me so absent-minded sometimes....I am more fly by the seat of my pants these days than anything else.

Or, as I put it with my mom in regard to this year, "Let's just see what gets fucked up and then we'll try and fix it." Hey, it's an approach that is likely to work, right???

But then I did think about it a little more and my goals for this year do, in fact, extend beyond crisis management. 2013 was all about transformation of the mind for me. It was a learning year for sure, and the biggest lesson that I learned was that I needed to allow life to happen more naturally. I had to surrender to the inertia of it all and embrace uncertainty.

For this lesson I most credit my grandmother. Her passing, showed me that nothing is certain, that people can be unpredictable, and that through it all you have to maintain who you are. If you know who you are in life, then you should have the confidence to weather any storm. I found a lot of strength this year and the culmination of all of that was getting pregnant. Deciding to have a child meant that I finally had enough faith to take a leap and be connected to someone else forever....well, I guess two someones really (my child and my husband!)

So this upcoming year is about standing in those choices and embracing the messiness of life that is coming at me. It's a little scary, but it's an adventure. What is life but a grand adventure, anyway!? I want to be able to maintain the laid back outlook my pregnancy has given me.

...and also, to see what gets fucked up and to fix it.

What's your resolution? Are you doing one or are you going to fly by the seat of your pants? Either way, I wanted to wish you all out there in cyber space a Happy New Year and BIG thank you for reading my blog and following my adventures!

May 2014 be a magical year for you and yours! 


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