10 Things NOT To Repeat in 2013

These are not really resolutions...because those are coming on Monday. But rather, I was just thinking about things I just don't want to do again in the coming year. Reflecting is good because it allows us to confront the ways in which we can succeed...which is to nicely say, "yea I screwed that one all up and I'm gonna do it better next time around."

I've got quite a list myself, but I had to narrow it down to 10. They aren't in any particular order, but you know, people like things in list form, so here is my list of things NOT to repeat in 2013.

#10- Quit meditating
It's like, I get there a little bit and then I just quit. No quitting this year. No, this year will be the year of zen. This year, I will meditate more, even if it's hard or not perfect or whatever. I'm not gonna quit.

#9- That moment where you just go overboard, (and by that I mean I did too much nitrous.)
I left my partying days behind me a couple of years ago. But we all have our moments. Mine was when I did too much nitrous and felt like I was unable to form a sentence for two full days...unless you count "I totally, um, carrot" as a sentence. This is not an episode I can repeat again. Even if I do have a "toothache."

#8- Not washing my car 
I washed my car a total of one time in 2012 and it was last week. I have to say is pretty unacceptable especially considering I love to park my car under our holly tree where all the birds live. Sometimes I felt like I was driving a bird crap mobile. The worst part is when other people notice and then I would get all defensive. STUPID. I'm washing my car this year...like, at least 3 times.

#7- Trying to buy jeans anywhere other than Lucky Brand Jeans. 
Total. Disaster. Not all jean companies are created for women. When you find a company that works for you (and it doesn't have to be Lucky Brand Jeans) just stick with it. Don't try to improve upon a formula that totally works. It may cause you a moment in a dressing room that derails your confidence.

#6- Playing reindeer dumb girl games 
Remember in high school when your social group of friends felt like the Coliseum and you were being thrown to the lions? History, as they say, has a way of repeating itself. I am always relearning lessons and also, how I am participating in the repetition of it all. If you find yourself in a similar situation, think about how you play into it, and ensure it won't happen again by changing the only person you have control over--yourself. And honestly, just be grateful for friends you lose.

#5- Eating myself sick 
I am almost ashamed to admit that I ate so much rich food last year, I made myself sick. It's no secret how this might have happened. I cook a ton for this blog and I feel an obligation to eat it all. It all culminated after I ate a plate of fettucine alfredo and just couldn't move. After several weeks of salad, I was able to recover my digestive system, but seriously? I'm not doing that this year. I need to eat a more well balanced diet. Period.

#4- Feeling that creep of self doubt 
Ugh. Why does it happen? It's like, I am doing great and then....there it is--self doubt. I am not sure I can totally eliminate this human quality from my life, but I am sure going to have a lot less of it this year and I think I can achieve it if I stick to #10--meditation. More self confidence is my goal!

#3- Letting my dogs totally overeat
When my doxie hurt his back in April, it took us a while to find out exactly how to help him. Number one? Get his fat little butt in shape. We were just letting our dogs dictate how much they wanted to eat, which is like asking a four year old if they would rather have oatmeal or ice cream for breakfast. Now I measure the food for all my dogs, and I feel better about it. I'm sticking to it.

#2- Buying greek frozen yogurt bars 
Worst. Idea. Ever. They were the worst frozen treat I have never enjoyed. I am so susceptible to marketing, and I have to stop buying crappy products because the packages look cool or the commercial has a great jingle. This year, I will stick to regular ice cream!

#1- Not living up to my full potential
I'm not going to lie, last year was busy and I got a lot done. But as far as living up to my full potential is concerned? I fell short. This year, I am going for it--all the way. Harder. Faster. Stronger. I'm bound and determined to make this one of my best years....ever! 

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