What I Learned By Not Cooking

Since having my child, I have been not been doing a lot of cooking...which is something that I thought was going to be really difficult. I thought that I would be chomping at the bit to get back into the kitchen and cook up a storm, but it's amazing how agreeable I was to having others do things for me.

One would think that we ate a lot of take out the week that my daughter was born, but I think we've had take out or pizza just a few times since she was born. Instead, we had people bring us great, homemade meals, including my mother-in-law, my mom and even a friend who brought a great lunch for us. And I found myself thinking "I could really get used to this!" Yes, I know, this is dangerous, but for three glorious weeks I was one of those people who had perfected the art of not cooking and I relished every second!

No wonder some people just proudly declare that they don't cook. It makes so much sense now... it forces other people to do it for you and besides that, you get more time to do other things. Because, let's face it, cooking takes planning and time and that time has to come from somewhere in the time budget. Now that I am a mother, there is less "me time" and more time spent doing things for others--mainly Ruby, my daughter.

Don't fret, I do plan on getting back to work in the kitchen soon. In fact, when Ruby was just shy of three weeks old, I got back into the canning kitchen with my canners, and we made some strawberry jam. (Check out our slightly blurry selfie!)

So it probably won't be too long before I am back in the saddle. But my break from both technology and cooking was perhaps a much needed one and backing away from the stove (and the computer) is sort of an art when it's become so ingrained in your everyday life. I learned that people are willing to take care of me in ways that surprised me. Allowing people to care for me in this way brought me closer to them and it forced me to relax. I was genuinely proud of myself for being able to be cared for and being able to ask for what I needed.

So tell me, what has become ingrained in you that you might want or need to back away from for whatever reason? What might you learn about yourself? Leave it for me in the comments section below! 

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