Stuff I Use: Coconut Oil

Now, I'm not one to get holy about my products or anything, but can I get a
"HALLELUJAH" for this product?! Perhaps I need to back up. Since my daughter was about five weeks old, I haven't been eating dairy because her system hated it and it was causing all kinds of unpleasantness. Way back before I was a parent ('round about February) I went on a little nesting/hoarding/food purchasing kick and bought some coconut oil. 

I put the stuff in my cupboard and promptly forgot about it. This is not entirely unusual for me. I just wanted the stuff, didn't know why, but had to have it. So, there it sat. 

Fast forward to just a few days ago when I struck with an intense brownie craving. Intense. I was searching and searching for a nondairy version of the recipe, but I was also being stubborn because I wanted it to be a "one bowl" recipe. Did I also mention that it had not include chocolate chips? Or baking chocolate. I was NOT going to the store. Maybe it was my mood that was intense and not the actual brownie craving, but either way.... 

Anyway, I FINALLY found a one bowl recipe for brownies with all the specified ingredients I wanted to use, but it called for butter. That was when I remembered the coconut oil in my cupboard. I subbed it out for the butter and in 40 minutes I had my nondairy, one bowl brownies. It was a magnificent moment. And the brownies? Divine! 

In case you were wondering, I used THIS RECIPE (which I found on Pinterest, which is my favorite thing with a "www" in front of it.) And now, I am firmly in the "god bless coconut oil" camp. It's some pretty awesome stuff for you nondairy people like me! Or even if you do like dairy, you might want to give it a try because it takes all kinds in this world, am I right? 


  1. i must say i keep coming back to your blog and had a another successful bout with making chicken Marsala . Now even better your site gives me other recipe and suggestions of things i may also like. Yes chicken and prosciutto is next yeah !! thanks

  2. Oh and yes great tip for nondairy with coconut oil. While you may be using it because dairy is off your diet .... It is very vogue right now to not ingest dairy

    1. This is true! It is soooo in vogue to reject that dairy!!! haha.