Stuff I Use [Parenting Edition]: The Honest Company

First let me start by saying this is NOT a paid advertisement in any way. I am just honestly a fan of The Honest Company. When my daughter was born, a friend of ours gave me a gift certificate. I sat on it for an abnormally long time because frankly, I had so much stuff for my new baby daughter, I had no idea what I needed. But eventually, I did need diapers.

Let's all say that Luv's does a pretty effective job in marketing to us parents and telling us that we don't need those fancy diapers...and I think that is mostly true. Actually, I hadn't planned on using diapers at all. I had planned on cloth diapering. I didn't do it. Had 'em all, didn't do it. I just didn't. No excuses. And while I love Luv's and all, sometimes they leak. So anything was worth a try.

After ordering The Honest Company's all natural fancy pantsy diapers (with the super cute designs--gasp!), I was totally and utterly sold because they stand up to the bigger brands and do a lot better. All that, and they are cute as hell.

But they have a lot of great products that go way beyond diapers. I am also super happy with their kitchen spray and their laundry detergent. They also have a fabric spray that I really liked as'll probably take me forever to use it all, but I really love it.

The only product I wasn't totally happy with was the shampoo. I enjoyed it for myself, but I don't think it was as tearless as it claimed, so it didn't work for baby. Other than that, everything else made me one happy mama! They also ship pretty quickly and give free shipping over $50, which I think we can all agree is fabulous. Oh, and did I mention that they have some pretty awesome customer service? 'Cause they sure do!

So, if you're thinking of ordering from them, I would definitely give them a whirl. I can't imagine you'd disappointed. With people being into natural products these days, I have found that I can never have enough convenient sources to buy from and this one is at the top of my list these days. You can even have them just send the diapers to your house like clockwork. So that is pretty awesome. They bundle with the wipes, which is great for most people, too.

Anyway, that's my story and I wanted to share. CLICK HERE to shop. Happy shopping! 

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