3 Ways Meditation Improved My Relationship

When I started meditating daily in January, I knew that some of it would be a challenge. And by “some of it” I mean actually doing it. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to stick with it. I have missed a few days off and on, depending on travel, or just a crazy busy day, but on the whole, I have been consistent.

Since making this small change, I have realized that it makes a big difference. One department it makes a huge difference? My relationship. I am not even joking. Meditation has been great for my relationship. There are a host of reasons why....for instance, being mindful is generally easier when I meditate so I am just more self aware. Also, I am a must calmer person in general when I meditate. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

These changes make for some big relationship benefit ripples in the pond of life. And that’s all zen and stuff. Which is totally awesome.

Here are some ways that meditation has helped me improve my relationship with my husband.

I am more patient
Sometimes I can be a hothead. *Surprise* I have never been the most patient person...not for a minute. But when I meditate I am able to calm the heck down and take a darn moment when a darn moment is needed. This helps because, as it turns out, I married someone who has a propensity for dawdling. He still dawdles, but I don’t freak the fig out.

I yell less...and I don’t anger as quickly 
Which, considering how loudly I talk, is quite an accomplishment. Mostly the not yelling thing has to do with the not getting angry thing which kind of leads back to the more patience thing. So, the whole meditation thing builds on itself, you see?

I am more resilient and mindful of how to change 
This one is interesting. I ruminate on things that I should just let go. And then I react to them over a series of hours...sometimes days if I am being perfectly honest. When I am more patient, less angry and more mindful, I am more able to access my emotions, process them and, in turn, make changes more quickly. Thus, I can be more aligned with my logical side and not make decisions from an emotional standpoint.

I notice this most often when I am NOT doing it, ironically. For instance, if I have missed a day or two of meditation and I have a moment where I am failing to react the way I would like, the pieces come together quickly. I center very quickly on the fact that I am less patient, loving, or [fill in the blank] that I am used to being and then *lightbulb* I remember I forgot to meditate.

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