A Teeny Tiny Egg!

When my mother-in-law was watching my chickens, she told me "one laid a tiny egg. I mean REALLY small." I was like, "Okay, sure....how small could this thing possibly be?" Well, turns out it was tiny. Teeny tiny. It was the cutest little egg ever....looked like a fairy had laid it. 

When we saw this teeny tiny egg, my husband and I started laughing so hard that we could hardly contain ourselves! We had to snap a picture to share with all of you.....

Look how tiny!!!!! 

Of course if you give a bossy wife a tiny egg, she's going to want to crack that sucker open, and that was precisely what I did! And what do you think happened? NO YOLK INSIDE! We gasped. Seriously. Couldn't believe it! 

Turns out that sometimes the chickens lay these teeny little eggs and they are called "witch eggs" or even (go figure) "fairy eggs!" I swear, the chicken must have sneezed this little thing out because I saw my one chicken, Daisy, lay an egg and it was laborious! 

Either way, these gals just keep right on surprising me with their funny egg laying tricks. For me, this is like the opposite of a double yolk egg. Which, since we are on the subject of egg oddities, I think we should delve into a bit further because I have a chicken who consistently lays these whopping double yolk eggs. They are not only delicious and double the egg bang for my chicken buck, but they are just downright cool. 

Please enjoy this awesome video featuring these unique double yolk eggs!!!! 

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