Tea for One [A Story of Renters, Tea, & Friendship]

My unabashed love of tea, at this point, is probably pretty evident. I'm just into it. Lucky for me, people always seem to jump right in line with supporting my quirks, and I love that. I am not sure if I have had much opportunity to talk about my landlords on my blog, but let me just start by saying, they are the best!!

The story starts waaaaaaaay back over nine years ago when we first moved into our house. Back then, we were renting from Skip and Cecilia Higgins. They were an older couple who lived just down the road. He was American and she was British. They met and married during WWII and Skip brought his bride home to America with their first child, Lee. Before too long they had another child, Tim.

Eventually, Skip and Cecelia came to own our rental property, and we came to live here. We enjoyed a nice and easy relationship with them as well as with Lee and Tim over the years as we all reached milestones, and endured hardships. In the years since we've lived here, we've had multiple roommates, eventually came to live by ourselves,  switched careers, and got married. Lee and Tim, during that time, saw the loss of both of their parents. In the course of the time that I have lived in the home, I had become fairly close with Cecelia, especially toward the end of her life.

I would bring her meals on occasion and we would sometimes have tea together. I loved hearing her old stories about life in England during the war. They were the type of stories--told of course in her still prevalent British accent--that seemed adventurous, comical, and insightful. She was of another time entirely....one where food was rationed, love was found in the face of war, and she, as a young girl, bravely signed up to join the ranks of those pitching in with the hope that joining the war's effort would keep her safe. She was a delightful storyteller.

When she passed away a couple of years ago, I felt a keen sense of loss. It was probably during that time that I became closer to Tim and Lee. Several times I have enjoyed a pot of tea with Lee during our visits. He's an Earl Grey drinker mostly--British style with cream and sugar--and I enjoy a variety from black teas (also British style) to floral teas like Rose hip and mint. He (and his brother Tim) both have a knack for storytelling, just like Cecelia, and there is never a dull conversation.

All of this story is in an effort to explain where I got this lovely tea set for one. This year, on our wedding anniversary, Lee turned up with this gift tucked under his arm form him and his wife Diana. I am always excited to receive gifts, but once I opened it, I saw that it was extra special. It's an awesome little owl shaped tea set for one complete with a tea dispenser with, what else, Earl Grey! (Now I am sure to have some on hand the next time we enjoy tea together!)

I think we can all agree that this gift is not only cool as heck, but a perfect way to enjoy tea for one. When I drink from it, I not only think of Lee,  but I also think of all the history behind it. I think of his parents, and of Cecelia and the years spent enjoying this lovely home and property. It's not the most conventional tenant/landlord situation...but then again, I am not a conventional kind of gal. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

For me, it is the simple pleasures that build over time in this way that give me a great sense of joy. Because one day, your landlord may show up with a gift for you that reminds you how far you have come in life, and it makes your soul smile. This was a moment like that....seemingly small, but really, bigger in a way.

What are some of life's small moments that bring you to big realizations? Share them with me in the comments section below. 

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