Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have Lift Off!!!

Me at about 20 weeks! (I'm a wee more preggo now!)
So, I took a ton of heat for talking about my own sexual needs during this pregnancy when a placenta issue came into play several weeks ago. I'm gonna talk a little more about my lovely experience with those crazy commenters on Monday, but today I have some GREAT news to share. That pesky placenta of mine? Totally moved up! We have lift off!!

Call it intuition, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it had moved because of where I felt the baby kicking in my abdomen. This past Monday was our "big day" to get it re-checked and we were given the "all clear!!" This means I am now free to resume my sex life and some light lifting (I have been DYING to pick up my friend's kid who weighs 18 pounds). The funniest part was that our midwife said, "Some people do it in the bathroom!" Haha! I assured her that we would wait until we got home, and I think she was relieved.

She also gave me a few more pointers for the rest of the pregnancy. In fact, she was a much much much much much needed breath of fresh air in my experience so far. She said keep on doing what I am doing: working out, eating healthy, and HAVE SEX, she said! (Yes, I know, perhaps I'm too excited, but hey, it was a looooong four weeks!!!)

She also said something else that surprised me: no more ultrasounds! The midwife said that unless they are medically necessary (which they aren't in my case, mah baby and I are reallllly healthy!) then they just cause more anxiety than they alleviate. I was really happy with this outcome. For me, less is more! Another suggestion was to avoid induction unless I come to 42 weeks. She informed me that it just isn't medically necessary unless there is a clear threat to the baby's life (or mine.)

She also encouraged me to just see the midwives because they fit with my personal birthing philosophies. She said, "Let's face it, if you have to have a cesarean, you don't care who it is!" And she's right, at that point, my biggest concern would be safety and I trust all the OB/GYNS there to do a great job--who cares which one (not that you have a choice, anyway)! She also did a fabulous job putting my anxieties about a hospital birth to rest and in the biggest twist of YES-AND-THANK-YOU she said that she (or the midwife on call) will clear my doula to come to the delivery!!!

My, my how things can change in a pregnancy! This time was not without reflection, though. So I wanted to share some of the great things I learned during these last several weeks; you know, in case you can relate or want to leave me a nasty comment or something. *wink, wink*

One of the best lessons I got about this whole thing was that even without sex for four weeks, life goes on. Some people will not understand what I am talking about, and others will totally understand what I mean. I always knew that after I gave birth we were facing 4-6 weeks without it, and the thought of it always made me nervous. I have never gone that long without it since I've been in this relationship. I never imaged that I would have to abstain during pregnancy, especially once my libido was back in full swing! I feel particularly empowered by my sexuality, so I just couldn't imagine it....but now I can and I feel okay with it. It deepened my appreciation for my husband (who was super cool) and gave us a totally new experience as a couple!

Another great lesson was about how unpredictable pregnancy can be and how you have to bob and weave. I've been letting go of expectations a lot in the process of becoming a parent--some lessons have been easier than others. The last four weeks, between the placenta thing and the hospital birth thing, were a little hard for me. There are likely to be more times where things will change, and I am prepared for that. Ultimately, my journey to being a mommy is going really well--the baby is healthy, so what more could I ask for?

Also: wowser do I trust my body like never before! It's astounded me how much intuition has come into play in this pregnancy, and I am learning to trust in my body like I never have before. I have been surprised at how little I worry, and I think it goes back to knowing in my heart that my body is doing what it was made to do. If I listen carefully to what my body is saying, I find I know just what to do. Yes, sometimes the doctors will tell you things you weren't prepared for, but in the end, I knew everything would be just fine.

Lastly, I really learned that no matter what other people say--and people have a lot to say--you have to march to the beat of your own drum. I'm going to touch more on this Monday, but the situation (and the blogging about it, of course) shed light on the fact that before anything else, you've got to be secure with yourself. I know that this is a trait that my daughter can be proud of....

What lessons have/did you learn during your pregnancy? Were they hard or did they come easy? Share yours in the comments section below! 


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