Stuff I Use: Better Than Bullion Vegetable Base

During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I was so sick I could barely cook. So I called my mama and begged her to come and help me. I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat, let alone cook it! She came and whisked me away to the grocery store where we searched for things I could stomach. One thing I wanted: lentil soup. But we needed vegetable broth. That was when we began to search for an MSG free, healthy bullion or broth, and this is what we found.

I had never used it before, but I figured, hey, I'll give anything a try. My mom insisted that according to the label (and we read a ton of them that day) this was the healthiest one. Turns out, it was also the most flavorful!! I used up that first bottle of it, and I'm on my second one now. After testing it on multiple recipes, I have decided this a product I just can't live without.

It makes life easy, first of all, and this a point about vegetable broth in general, I guess. While I do like to make my own stocks whenever I can (hey, check out this great trick!), it's not always possible. And who wants to keep their pantry stocked with beef, chicken, and vegetable stocks? Not me! But this particular base easily translates between beef, chicken or vegetable recipes. AND IT DOES NOT SKIP ON FLAVOR!

The flavor packed into this base is amazing. I actually did a side by side with another vegetable broth, and I felt that the lentil soup I made with the other broth left me lacking flavor. So, if you are passionate about your flavors as I am, and you love having convenient products on hand that just make sense in your life, then this is one you will just love!

Just add one teaspoon of the base to a cup of water and BRAVA! You've got a great vegetable broth you can add to anything from risotto to soup and beyond!!! And tomorrow, since I know it's going to be positively arctic throughout most of the country, I am going to make a hearty vegetable soup to warm your bones using this awesome product!!! 

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