Quick Fix: Taco Salad

If there is one food that I could eat nonstop during this pregnancy it's tacos. But a lady can't get by on tacos alone, of course...as part of my healthy pregnancy, I have ben trying to enjoy a salad daily, if not twice a day. I am keeping my veggie level up and that makes me feel great. That's not to say I don't throw in a cheat every now and again, though, and I consider this salad a cheat.

The fact remains: every time I make tacos, I end up with leftover meat and a shell or two. While leftover tacos are nothing to roll your eyes at, putting them in a salad is somehow easier. And yet, the taco salad is simply overlooked. So this post is a quick fix, but also a reminder. Do not let your leftover tacos fixings go to waste--make them into your cheat salad, like me! 

And really, we're still getting some good veggies in here...because I am adding avocado. Can't we feel good about that?! I think so. Also? I don't dress the salad...unless you count the salsa and sour cream, so that sort of makes me feel okay too. Eh, justification is justification no matter how you look at it.

I'm going to do this recipe in pictures with captions, and skip the formal recipe at the end. I hope no one has a problem with that. If you do, please see the complaint department. (Er, there is no complaint department.) Hehe.

Start with a base of iceberg lettuce. Or as my mom calls it, "the unhealthy lettuce." I love when she says unhealthy lettuce because it's like an oxymoron, but she insists that it's "just water." And maybe she's right, but nothing crunches like iceberg. It's the only lettuce to use. 

Next, slice half an avocado and a nice tomato and layer them on in there. Grab a handful of cheddar or cheddar jack cheese and throw it on there, too. 

I heat my leftover meat and once it's done, I put it on top of the cheese...but there are really no rules here; if you want to put your cheese on top of your hot meat, you can do that too! No. Rules. Then do a bit of sour cream (actually, it's a dollop of Daisy sour cream, if you must know) along with some yummy salsa. This is my salsa verde, but the next day I used chipotle salsa. Because, as I said, there are no rules! 

Now you go for the gold: top it with a crumbled leftover taco shell! Or, if you are out of taco shells use some tortilla chips! 

Ain't no salad like a taco salad, 'cause a taco salad don't stop! Oh yea!! 


  1. Oh my gosh I need this right now! Who cares if its 9:21 in the morning!!