I Got My Own Hospital Gown

If you've been following me during this pregnancy, then you probably know that I had some major issues coming to grips with a hospital birth. It wasn't initially what I saw for myself as the ideal birth. One of my big issues was putting on a hospital gown. I didn't want the energy of something that has been worn by multiple people seeping into my experience. If that sounds a little out there to you, then you don't know me. Haha. What can I say? It's just how I roll.

So, part of me getting over the whole hospital birth thing was getting my own hospital gown...something fresh and new and something that I could launder that would smell like me. If you have been pregnant and looked into getting your own hospital gown, though, then you probably already know how expensive they can be. I was shocked, and just refused to swallow a $65 fee for the gown. 

I was REALLY happy when I came across the Milk and Baby website. They have a TON of great stuff to help enhance your hospital birth, including gowns that are disposable, or just not as expensive as those ones on Etsy. Not knocking Etsy, of course, just a mom trying to save a little dough. They also have flat rate shipping, which is great. 

Looks like  a standard gown, feels like home. 

Sometimes it's just about the little touches, right?! 

I ended up picking up this pink polka dotted gown with green trim. It's got buttons and everything, just like the ones in the hospital, except none of the wack karma that comes with wearing something that everyone else and their brother has worn. I haven't gone the girly route too much in this pregnancy (as evidenced by our very unisex nursery) so I splurged on the pink in the form of this gown...I am having a girl, after all. 

All in all, I'm really happy with my gown, and it's just one of those small things that is making me happier and more comfortable with our hospital birth. So tell me, how did you get cozy with a hospital birth? Did you purchase a gown or do something else that helped ease the transition from home to hospital??? Share with me the comments section below. 


  1. I didn't have a hospital birth, but I did purchase a labor gown from Pretty Pushers (the I Dream of Cosmos gown, which was very appropriate). ;) Alessandra came so fast, and I had a water birth, so I didn't get a chance to actually labor in the gown, but it was perfect afterwards. It's designed for immediate skin-to-skin contact, easy access for breastfeeding, and there's an opening at the belly for fetal monitoring, and an opening in the back for easy access for an epidural. Plus, it's meant to be thrown away after birth. :) I loved it!

  2. My own hospital gown, which I recently acquired, has completely changed the way I receive medical care. The gown is more comfortable and durable than the typical, thin hospital clothes. During medical operations, the delicate fabric and well-considered design offer a much-needed sense of respect. A precise fit is guaranteed by the adjustable closures, which improve comfort and modesty. My hospital trips have changed because of the gown's personalized touch, which has helped me feel more relaxed and in charge. Purchasing a hospital gown for myself was a wise investment as it improved my overall healthcare experience and gave me more comfort and confidence when navigating medical settings.
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