The Big Nursery Reveal!

My husband and I have been working overtime to get the nursery ready for our baby girl, Ruby. I wanted everything to be basically done by the baby shower (which was a few weeks ago) so that we could execute the finishing touches and be done well ahead of schedule. We like to be prepared well ahead of time, and now that we have completed it, I can say that I am SO glad that we did it this way.

Now that I am in the third trimester, I am getting a little more tired, but I also want to really focus on being able to do things I know I won't have time for once the baby is here. For a least a few months, I know I am going to be tied to Ruby and so I am trying to get out there and visit with friends, enjoy work out, and generally relax. Having the nursery (as well as the rest of the house) ready to go makes it easy to relax!

Our basic concept with the nursery was two-fold: unisex and woodland theme. We didn't want anything too obviously over-the-top baby themed. But we wanted it to be youthful, while also being artistic. What we got, in the end, is this nursery and we are over the moon for it! We hope you like it too!!!

We are particularly proud of our glider chair. My husband picked it out and I must say, I was skeptical about it, but it's the world's most comfortable chair! I keep going in there to sit in it. They discontinued the chair (we barely got it!!), as well as the ottoman, so we didn't get the ottoman, but now we don't feel like we need it. 

The carpet and curtains are our modern version of woodland. We don't like to be too literal. Haha. 

Diaper station/ dresser. 
We opted not to get the changing table because it seemed like a waste. I really feel like it was a good decision. It seems like we have more than enough room. 

Reading nook. Ruby already has a lot of books! We are really happy about this because we want to foster a love of reading from early on. 

This lamp is just too cute, isn't it? I hope she'll love it. When we saw this lamp, it sort of planted the seed of the whole room in our heads. This cutie brought to us by Ruby's Aunt Laura. 

Crib area. Again, my husband picked out the crib set--he did a great job, right? My mom got us the set for Christmas, which honestly, if you can double dip into Christmas/Baby Shower gift plan, we highly suggest it! It helped us get everything we needed. 
We hung the mobile from the ceiling because, frankly, it was bugging the crap out of us on that plastic hangy thing they give you. UGH! 

My husband's mother and father got us these letters and we thought they were too cute! They made the perfect addition to the room. 

And this cool owl clock from Ruby's godmother, Jenn, I think we can all agree is unbelievably adorable! 

These are her sheets. We were looking around the room going, "Is there ANYTHING pink in this room?" Yes, there are little pink owls on these sheets that Ruby's Aunt Sarah got us. Pink? Check! 

I just HAD to show you guys this custom height chart we got at our baby shower. Our friends Justin and Emily made this for us, and it's just the sweetest thing EVER. Perfect detail in the nursery, too! 

And that's our nursery! We hope our little Ruby likes the color green as much as we do! But, really, she hasn't got much choice, has she? 


  1. This room is adorable! I love the reading nook and the height chart, too cute!!

  2. WOW the room is PERFECT!!!! I'm so excited and happy for you guys! You are going to be truly exceptional parents!