Small Touches: Nurses' Gift Basket

I read over and over on lists of all kinds for hospital births that you should bring a little goodie basket for the nurses in labor and delivery. And yet, I could find no one who had actually done this. This might have something to do with the fact that when you are becoming a mommy, especially for the first time, you are completely overwhelmed with things to do and the best intentions go to the wayside in the face of baby prep.

I understand this.

I also talked to one of my nurse friends, though, and when I mentioned the gift basket idea, she said it was a really nice idea. She told me nurses LOVE sweets, and that they really don't get a lot of time to take breaks or treat themselves to things we all take for granted, like lunch or dinner. Bottom line? These ladies (and gents) work really hard, and sometimes it's nice to get a thank you!

So, I have put together a gift basket for our labor and delivery nurses, and it's ready to go whenever our baby decides she's ready to get here. I figured I would post what I put together in case any of my friends or readers are thinking of doing something similar. It didn't cost me a whole lot, but I do hope it will make the nurses feel special...guess with this baby coming, I'm just full of love to share!

What's in my nurse's basket: 

2 jars of homemade jam (one strawberry rhubarb, one strawberry jalapeño) 
1 jar of drunken pears (because why not?) 
1 pack of Hershey's chocolate bars with the "she" colored in pink 
1 box of Swedish fish 
1 box of sour patch watermelon gummies 
1 box of Reece's pieces
1 box of Snowcaps 
1 box of Starbuck's instant coffee (this was my "splurge" item, it wasn't cheap!)
2 lollipops in the shape of hearts
1 4-pack (mini) of Trident gum
1 Thank You note to the staff 

Am I missing anything? Did you make a thank you basket for the nurses? If so, what did you put in it?! Leave it for me in the comments section below! 


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