BIW Versus The Hurricane!

Welp, we're bracing for a hurricane wallop in some awfully strange ways around here... but I guess that makes sense because it's been an awfully strange week. It all began Tuesday when I was working with a client, and an earthquake rattled our brains. That on it's own would have qualified enough "weird" for one week... but no... we just had to have a hurricane and an earthquake all in one week!!

Now normally, my refrigerator would be pretty stocked, especially considering how much I love to cook, but this week, my cupboards were bare. This is mostly because today (yes, today of all days!) we are getting a new refrigerator! I am super excited about the new fridge, but the downside is that now I have to go to the grocery with everyone else who is freaking out about the impending hurricane.

So here's my checklist for the day:

1. Turn in my column for next week to my editor
2. Clean up the yard so I don't get smacked in the head by anything during the storm
3. Be home in order to receive said refrigerator
4. Go get my landlord's truck and bring it to higher ground while listening to the song "Higher Ground" by Steve Wonder
5. Go grocery shopping with the masses, and try not to get bullied by the overzealous people in storm prep mode
6. Come home and have an indulgent storm weekend to include (but not be limited to) reading, watching movies, opening my new fridge to enjoy it in all it's glory, cooking up a storm (hehehe), and sleeping in entirely too late.

I do want to take a moment to stress that IS IMPORTANT to be prepared for the storm; there is a state of emergency in my state of Delaware as well as many other states, and all laws and rules of preparedness should be strictly observed. By Monday, the storm should be over and hopefully everything will be back to normal, but until then, I urge everyone to be safe!

Happy Hurricane Irene everyone! 

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