Love, In Seconds

A new study came out that boasts that 1 in 4 men falls in love in “seconds” but as for women? Not so much. The gap really widens. Women just don’t fall in love as easily as men do with only one in ten claiming love at first sight... and what’s more? The men are first to say “I love you” in most cases! Hmph. There’s some statistical catharsis for those of you jaded women.

So what of it? What does it all mean... does it mean that for 1 in 4 men love at first sight is a reality and that women are far more practical minded than we are willing to admit? I just can’t buy into that because when it comes down to it, I happen to believe in love in first sight.

When I met my husband, I think I pretty much felt compelled to be near him. Was it love at first sight? Well, I certainly it was lust at first sight... maybe it was love. Statistically, though, I guess this study proves right for us. He was the first one to say “I love you.” He knew, sure. But I knew, too, even though I was playing coy.

Real, true love is probably different for everyone. But I guess I buy into the notion of how a large portion of men tend to fall in love: all at once. It’s how I fall in love, too. I like that a lot men just know immediately... it sort of makes me feel a sense of comfort in this uncertain world. Because if you can’t be certain of your love, well, what the hell can we be sure of???

So if it still hasn't happened to you, don't fret. It could happen in an instant!! Though, I will say another study came out that said Americans are more uptight about love than our European counterparts.... thoughts?!

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