What's Cooking: Birthday Edition!

So it was my birthday Saturday, and it's now official: I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20. It doesn't bother me one bit... in fact, I like it. The older I get, the ore comfortable I become with myself and the world around me. I like getting older; anyway, it seems natural! Haha.

So what did I eat on my "over the 25 hump" birthday?! Oh, it was a feast! Rather than going out, we decided to order in lobsters, freshly steamed from my favorite place, Steamers!!! I got the "big guy" who weighed in at just over 3 pounds! YUM!

My giant lobster!
To go along with the lobster, we had array of summer salads, as well as some corn on the cob! I also made fried okra, which was like "candy" (in the words of my father in law!)

For dessert, my mom brought some amazing cupcakes, made by Annabella's restaurant in Lewes. They were completely and utterly delectable! My friends and family really topped off the evening by providing me with the best company I could wish for!

These cupcakes knocked my socks off! 
After the big birthday bash, which was a total blast, we had left over lobster galore. So what's a gal to do? Make lobster thermidor, of course!!! Since I was nursing a hangover from all the wine, my awesome husband took to the grocery in search of ingredients, and we made a thermidor of our leftovers, and served it with mashed potatoes (the perfect companion for sopping up extra sauce!)

My lobster thermidor (I think Julia Child would be proud!)

Of my adventures in lobster thermidor, I will say this: it's not nearly as hard as it's made out to be. The most intimidating part must be the steaming of the lobsters. But since we had gotten that out of the way already, we didn't serve the dish in the shell, but instead made a casserole style version. We recently had a delicious thermidor served the same at the Lobster Shanty in Fenwick Island. This version of thermidor was easy as pie and tasted amazing. Perhaps I will give out my recipe, but that is for another post!

It was the perfect post-birthday meal, if you ask me, and went along perfectly with the Caravel ice cream cake my husband surprised me with! What else can I say? I LOVE birthdays!!!! 

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