BIW Versus The Female Orgasm

I read last week that if a man gives a woman an orgasm that she is more likely to fall in love with him. And the first thought that ran through my head was: "Ain’t that about a bitch..."  This could explain a lot of things, though. Like, for instance, why women run around like fools over men who treat them badly or are just plain weird or wrong for them: it’s all about getting off!

I am just as guilty as anyone to have said [when my girlfriends date questionable guys] , “well he must be giving her great cock or she wouldn’t waste a second on him!”  But then again, I have seen women and men get married that I still don’t understand. But could it be? Is it really the sex? Or, rather, not just the sex, but the incredible orgasms that keep women coming back for more?

I mean, it makes a great joke (and it makes for great puns as a writer)  but seriously?! Is it just what happens between the sheets that turns women into blathering relationship idiots?

I want to take a minute to point out something that irritates me when it comes to the female orgasm: it is so much easier for a man to have  an orgasm than it is for a woman--as a general rule. This is not a secret. Even those women who are blessed with the ability to have easy orgasms (holla!) don’t come by them quite as easily as men. This disparity in sexual pleasure, in my opinion, is somewhat cultural... I mean the female orgasm hasn’t always been the topic of discussion, I’ll at least put it that way.

Men used to not care. It was considered dirty and/or controversial for a woman to want to embrace her sexuality let alone to act on sexual urges. Thank goodness times have changed. I love to have orgasms and I'm glad that there is no one telling me I'm a pervert for it; still, the argument that I would fall in love with someone based on them seems too... I don’t know.... primal or something.

But then I got to thinking about this, and my thoughts began to wander to some strange places. And then there it was: the thought of just how much I love myself. And to tell you the truth, I give myself some great orgasms. My philosophy on my sexual pleasure is and has always been as follows.  I’m a woman, if I don’t know how to do it, how in the hell am I supposed to teach anyone else to do it properly? Sex is sex, after all, not magic.

The first time I slept with my husband, I am sure I had an orgasm... and so, I tried to think on it...was I instantly in love? Hmmm. Hard to say, but I think I am leaning toward yes. And you know what else? They were and are great orgasms... like, even better than the ones I can give myself. I don’t know if one has anything to do with other--what, the love and the orgasms and all--but I do know this:

I fucking love orgasms. There is no drug more powerful and nothing more wonderful. People have moved mountains for this shit, you know what I mean?

So what came first, the chicken or the egg? The love or the orgasm? I guess I don’t much care, as long as I have both. The truth is, the minute you fall out of love the orgasms stop, anyway. And while I know that there are a gamut of men and women out there having orgasms with one another and professing not to be in love, I know that they are loving those orgasms.

As for being a woman and therefore being more susceptible to love when we find a man who really pushes the naughty button, well, it could be true. Thankfully, I didn't end up with a jerk who really gets me off, I ended up with someone I truly love who is now my lifelong partner. As for those who aren't so lucky? Well ladies, there is only one solution: find a new dick to stick it to ya. And in the meantime? Find a good sex toy.

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  1. btw i think if a woman has orgasm she release oxy codone or is it the other oxicotin either way its an addiction!!!! Orgasm on ladies . my mentors always told me we are responsible for our own orgasms.. seems to me men always take responsibility for theirs. hmmm i mean mmmmmm