Make Your Own : Tortilla Chips

Is it just me or are tortilla chips freaking expensive? Paying nearly $4 for a bag of chips sometimes annoys me... and to be honest, I buy a ton of food, so sometimes I would rather spend the $4 on something else. At times, the something else is a necessity and other times it's a treat... depends on the week. 

But there are other times when I find myself out of tortilla chips, but I have salsa left. It was on such a day when my husband asked me if we had any tortilla chips, which we did not. So I said, "you know what? I picked up some corn tortillas on sale the other day," (They were an astounding 99 cents!) "I could make them for you!" 

Making your own tortilla chips can be really affordable, especially in you stock up on corn tortillas when they are on sale. Here's a simple recipe for making your own tortilla chips, either in a pinch or as a practice!! 

You will need: 

a heavy pan, filled with 1 inch of vegetable oil 
corn tortillas (the number is entirely up to you) sliced into triangular pieces
a bamboo scoop (this makes it sooo much easier) 

 Heat your oil over medium high heat, giving it several minutes to reach the proper temperature. Keep in mind that you may want to adjust the heat as you begin/end your first batch of chips...either up or down.

Add the tortilla slices, one at time, until you have filled your pan. 

There is no need to turn the chips, and they should cook through nicely. You will know when they are done because they will turn a nice golden brown. Scoop them out as they are done, and allow them to drain on paper towels. 

Store either in a plastic tupperware or in a plastic ziplock bag. 

See how easy that was?! And don't you feel proud?! I know I always feel accomplished after I make something myself that I could have bought that the store :) 


  1. i am curious how did they taste.. did they require salt and a hint of lime ???

  2. They taste great with them, but they certainly aren't required!