BIW Versus Polygamy

Ah, women. Nothing threatens us more than another woman in their territory which is why [I think] so many women are so naturally against polygamy. Sharing a man is just not on the agenda. Hell, isn’t it hard enough to maintain a marriage when there’s only one man and one woman (or two men, or two women)??? But then again, there is this irony that there are many variations on a theme, and different things work for different people. 

There isn’t just one way to be married, and there are communities of people who prefer to live with multiple wives. Some say that this type of lifestyle oppresses women...and while that may be true in certain oppressive societies where polygamy is in practice, I am not necessarily sure that the two go hand in hand. That is, can’t one live in an oppressive situation without being a polygamist? And if that is so, can’t a person likewise live in a polygamist relationship without being oppressed? 

Obviously, I am against oppression of any sort... but I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to live the lifestyle of polygamy if that is what you want. Hey, why not. Sometimes, it might be nice to a have a few extra hands to do the dishes, laundry, breadwinning, and the cooking. It’d be cool to sit around and giggle about family life. Sister wives are, by nature, sort of like sisters, right? 

Still, for me personally, it boils down to a mere penis and vagina issue. I don’t want to share a penis with anyone. I like my husband’s penis all to myself. Not that other women don’t want it--they surely must--but it’s mine!! I would love to be all hippy dippy and free love... but in reality, it's less complicated for me if I don't have to share. 

No, bossy Italian wives just can’t share their husbands with anyone else because there just isn’t enough to go around. We need attentive husbands who put us first. As for those who choose to share their hubbies and homes with other women? More power to ‘em. If they ever get bored, or need a break from the lifestyle, they can feel free to come over and clean my house.... because my dog has been shedding for weeks and I am quite tired of vacuuming. 

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