BIW Versus Scary Cooking Words

Did someone say donut?! 
Is it just me or are people increasingly scared of language these days? It's crazy! People hear words like "carbohydrate" or "heavy cream" and they are running for the nearest gym. Everyone is much more comfortable with "light" and "diet" and I can't say I'm lost on why. For gosh sakes it's a battleground out there--all these fatty foods waiting to come down and clench you in their grasp.

Bossy Italian Wife says "everything in moderation." And I mean EVERYTHING! I want to taste something of all of it--from the slimmest whim to the fattiest of fat. I don't want to miss out any food that might actually taste good... the taste good part being the emphasis. I work out... we should ALL work out, but that doesn't mean we should spend our time worrying about things like being a few pounds over weight. That gives us character.

Not worrying to much allows us to eat things that are so scrumptious and yummy that all we are focusing on is the thing itself and not our ritualistic caloric war.

There is propaganda going on here, and I don't like it! That is why I chose scary cooking words as my versus, obviously. Because people are being unnerved with the thought of eating actual butter, or cream based items. People think pasta causes thunder thighs and that dessert will make you unattractive. This pains me because it means that citizens of planet earth across the globe are missing out on culinary experiences that might open them to a new level of existence.

In bed you have the orgasm, but in the kitchen, you have the foodgasm. When something is so good--sooo tasty--that your toes curl a little and make an "o" face. You know it. You are probably thinking about the last time you had a food so delicious that you made a noise that sounded remotely sexual. And now you are thinking about an actual orgasm, and when you think about it that way you are wondering, "why would I ever deny myself that sort of experience?" I know... it feels so good.

So why ARE you denying yourself the pleasure? Is it because you are afraid of turning into a food-crazed maniac who can't control themselves?! We all have this impulse, I assure you of that, and it's about controlling the beast. But denying yourself this pleasure completely makes you something altogether stranger. Or a model, and if you are getting paid to be crazy, well, we call that "work."

But for those of us who are not models and who are realistically talking about being a few pounds over weight, well, then to that I have to say: SCREW IT! Eat for gosh's sakes! Your culinary life is calling you out there. Don't buy into the capitalistic craze that is the diet INDUSTRY. Trust your gut--your gut LOVES good food. In moderation, things like real butter, lasagna, and mashed potatoes with heavy cream in them are wonderful for your soul because it feeds you an experience.

Can I also say that curvy women are sexy. Flaunt it if ya got it! Holla! 


  1. I really like like what you wrote and couldn't agree more; everything in moderation!Life is a lot more fun, when we aren't a afraid to experience it.

  2. Why would anybody WANT to be a few pounds overweight?

    1. I don't know that anyone specifically "wants" to be a few pounds overweight, but the simple truth is most of us are, and it's OKAY! I am not at the ideal weight for my height, but I feel great and I look great. So for me--and it's different for everyone--it's fine to be the size I am. I am totally cool with being a few pounds over society's expectation because I am enjoying life, food, and my body all at the same time!