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Just because I am Italian-American doesn't mean I don't have a healthy love of all other cultures. One such culture I just love is the Amish culture. Those people are totally hardcore--they don't have electricity, they roll around with horses and buggies, and they can a ton of food. If it's one thing the Amish people have in the bag, it's their food, which is why I am always delighted and filled with joy when my husband brings me home Amish products.

My husband goes to auctions to find his Function*Art pieces (yes, did you know that Bossy Italian Wife is married to an ar-tist?), and there amongst the hustle and bustle, the Amish families sell their goods. We also have an Amish run place in Laurel, Delaware, which has a ton of good products. In today's world of processed, genetically modified, and blah blah bad for you stuff, it's refreshing to get products that are totally handcrafted--my kind of food!

There are lots and lots of amazing things you can buy at the Amish markets, and these are just three... maybe I will update you with more luscious products, but for now, let's start with the basics: fat, carbs, and meat--my favorite!
Roll Butter 

Roll butter. OMG. This butter is the butter to end all butters. I don't know if Julia Child ever tasted this butter, but if she did, she would totally be having a foodgasm over it. This butter has a taste so fresh it defies the imagination. One time, I saw my husband put butter on a cracker and I thought he might have lost his mind.... and then I too put this butter on a cracker. 

The thing about this butter is that it is so rich and yummy that it actually tastes like it just might be in the cheese family. If you are gonna roll on the butter issue, go for roll butter. You will only be sorry because you are so very addicted to it. 

Egg Noodles 

Who doesn't love egg noodles? No one. But these egg noodles are a far cry from those store bought No Yolks--no offense, No Yolks, but it was never a contest. I make my own homemade noodles, so I know a good noodle when I meet it, and these are just great. I especially love the consistency of them and the wideness. Perfect in soups, with sauces, or with meats, these homemade egg noodles really get me going. 

Well, we all know I have pasta issues. So just consider this another notch in my noodle belt of addiction! 

Ham Hocks 

Oooooh yes! The ham hock. This little beauty can be quite intimidating if you don't know what to do with it, but it's like solid gold if you do! It's easy to overlook a ham hock, I'll admit that, but you need to get on the hammy train on this one, trust me. Nothing makes a stock and soup like a ham hock. 

And I feel we need to take a minute here to discuss what separates Amish meats from other meats in the world. Imagine a piggy--he's happy, loved, appreciated, and he east lots of food with his piggy friends. This pig has a really happy life, and he isn't fed a bunch of pellets. No, this little piggy gets leftovers from the home of Millie and Ezekiel, and has a view of a pasture. When his life ends and he becomes this ham hock, it isn't all traumatic and calloused. It's more like nature. Doesn't that sound awesome?! 

I think that is why this meat tastes better.... it's not laced with fear. 

Now that you have that great picture of this little piggy in your head, click here for an awesome ham hock soup recipe and then scoot your little tail down to your Amish market and buy a ham hock! While you are there, pat yourself on the back because you are supporting a family and not some corporation. 

Ready? GO! 

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