More Evidence of Baking Successes

So I have been trying my little heart out at this baking thing. It's funny because I am not so much of a sweet tooth gal, I like pickles a lot more than cupcakes. Even so, I feel like I want to be a well-rounded culinary wizard, and so baking is on the list of things to learn.

And while we are on the subject, I have to say, that I loathe the thought of boxed desserts. Sure, I've made them--haven't we all? But that is SO not the point. The point is that if you want to eat cake, there is nothing wrong with that. However,  if you are going to do it, do it right--from cake flour, of course, not a box. I hate when I am cruising recipes that actually include a box of cake. Are you serious?! I could go on, but I won't.

Baking is so much more science than intuition, which is kind of where I start going haywire. I have some hang ups... like, for instance, I hate measuring things. That and I sort of don't really like following recipes, which is why I so often end up coming up with my own! Those items are essential in baking though. Not enough of this or too much of that can result in baking disaster. So I'm trying to follow the baking rules, and I am meeting with some success.

Here is the evidence:

I wanted to make brownies--REAL brownies. NOT FROM A BOX! 

I found this recipe, which promised be the best fudge brownies ever. 

With two sticks of butter, I thought I might be onto something. Fat content? CHECK! 

Added the sugar.... 

Oh my lordie! This was already starting to look dangerous! 

But when I added the chocolate, it started looking LETHAL! 

Add into that an entire bag of chocolate chips, and I was sure this recipe was going to deliver! 

Remember how I claimed I didn't have a sweet tooth? Well, these might have changed my mind. They. Were. So. Good. 

They were actually so irresistible that someone at my dinner party decided to prematurely take one--true story-- and I never quite figured out who it was. Hmph. Oh well. At least they were loved by all. 

Baking success.... 

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