I Wanna Talk About Whitney...

Wow. What a shocker. Of all the things I didn't think I would see on the television today, Whitney Houston being dead was one of them. But there it is, simple and yet riveting and all once, not that surprising for those watching from the outside. It was easy for so many of us to see that Whitney Houston was in a bad way... but an inevitable end cannot be stayed by even the most captive audience. Well, that is my conclusion after Michael Jackson and now Whitney Houston both met their end in such questionable ways.

Though they haven't said it yet in the media, I am sure she died of a drug overdose. Why else would a 48 year old woman die suddenly? It's a very sad day for music, that is for sure. Whitney Houston, whatever else you thought of her, was a musical pioneer who took musical stardom to a new level entirely. "I Will Always Love You," "I'm Every Woman," and yes, I have to say it, "The Shoop Song" were practically anthems in my life.... my mother is to be credited with some of the elbow grease in getting the CDs, of course.

That voice! No one, except perhaps Mariah Carey, could compare to Whitney Houston. Her range was astounding and her voice angelic. Her songs spoke to women during the 80's, and children like me whose mothers bought the cassettes and CDs and played them nonstop in their cars and boom boxes. I loved Whitney as a child. I thought that she was cool, and fun but of course, I had no idea about the abusive relationship she shared with Bobby Brown.

It seems to me that we've got a bit of a problem here in America lately with our pop icons dying way too young. What is even more shocking is that these people are clearly addicted to very potent substances and no one around them is taking the time to help them. That makes me very sad because I worry about this type of isolationism when it comes to the people who should love and take care of us.

The past is past, now, though. I know that she had stumbled in these latter years, but she was really so much more than some of the headlines would give her credit for there at the end. We all routed for Whitney, didn't we? Because she may have been addicted or in a relationship we disliked, but she seemed like a truly good person. It's easy to dwell on the drug addiction and the abuse. It's easy to call her a weak human being. Perhaps this is true in many ways, but at the same time, she had a hay day--she had an impact.

I have to say, that American Idol and shows like The X Factor wouldn't even exist without Whitney Houston's music--what would they sing? Who would they compare people to? Whenever I think of the 80's and 90's, Whitney, I hear your music as a soundtrack... well, you and Bush (the band, not the president, but I also did like the Presidents of the United States of America because "Peaches" was an awesome song.)

My husband is totally shocked that Bobby Brown has outlived you. In any case...Goodbye, Whitney Houston. We'll miss you, and I-e-I will al-ways love you-oooo-ooo-oh. 

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  1. Ha! I love Bush and the Presidents of the United States of America too! Even though that isn't really what this article is about..lol. But yes, I admired Whitney so much as a child. She will be missed and always remembered.