BIW Versus Big Girl Panties

I have often heard it said... heck, maybe it was me who said it... that you have to "put on your big girl panties and [insert whatever you want here]." The other day, though, I was watching television when I heard this saying, and I found myself wondering, what exactly are big girl panties?

Are they thongs? Like, when I was teenager, I remember saving up money to buy thongs because those seemed to me like big girl panties. Being a big girl meant being sexy, cool, and woman enough to put a piece of cloth between my butt cheeks. Sure, it was uncomfortable at first, but once you got used to it, you barely noticed anymore.... right?

Now that I am nearly 10 years into my supposed adulthood, I was left wondering if perhaps the thongs weren't the big girl panties... maybe those grannie panties--you know, the ones with the comfortable backs that go waaaay beyond the cheeks--might be the actual big girl panties. Maybe you aren't a big girl at all until you've gone past the thong into the g-string and well beyond into grannie pantie territory.

Perhaps as a true "big girl" you become so secure in your womanhood that you don't even need thongs--you skip straight from grannie pantie to nakedness and your authority is implied. But then my husband offered another scenario I had not even considered: what if the big girl pantie isn't a pantie at all? What if it is beyond pantie into the land of Depends?!

That's right, I said it. What if you truly aren't a big girl until you've been through all the stages of pantie and moved beyond the cloth to the land of unabashed self deification...and it's fancy. Because now they make Depends so fancy no one can even tell you've leaked on yourself. You can do it under your Red Carpet dress. Is that not a real "big girl" pantie if ever their was one?

I am not sure. I have put on thongs. I have been a wearer of the g-string. I have grannie panties, but on the subject of Depends, I cannot speak. I recalled momentarily the astronaut woman who stalked her lover halfway across the country and sought to kill his lover... she put on her proverbial "big girl" panties for the occasion--astronaut diapers--so she could drive all night without having to stop to use the bathroom. Is that the meaning of big girl panties?

Have I put on my big girl panties? Not in the sense of the aforementioned scorned lover.... But, I guess I will have to wait that one out to see if another situation will call for bigger panties. Until then, I will continue to don my Betsy Johnson fancy panties, and I will tuck away the thoughts of big girl panties until later time when perhaps, I will feel the need to put them on. I only hope that when that time arrives, I will know which pair to reach for exactly. 

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