Donuts So Good You Could Go Nuts!

I got a donut maker.... mmmm. Donuts. I wanted this thing so badly I cannot tell you. I had asked Santa for it and as it turned out, he forgot about the donut maker. Luckily, after I expressed to my husband just how much I wanted it, he finally saw the benefit of having one!

Since I got the maker, I have been whipping up batches of all sorts of donuts. I made chocolate, carrot cake, classic vanilla with chocolate frosting, and buttermilk spice.... and red velvet. The first batch of red velvet ones were for Valentine's Day, and they were alright, but they left something to be desired.

I have a  "thing" for red velvet. My wedding cake was red velvet. So the right red velvet recipe is paramount for me. Lucky for me, Saveur magazine put out a recipe for red velvet cake in it's last issue and it lived up to everything that red velvet should be. And so I decided to give it a whirl with the donut maker.

My sister in law Sarah had requested donuts for her friend, Jenna's, birthday at work. So I had a tall order to fill: 4 dozen donuts!

Dry ingredients 

Wet ingredients 

Note the color of the red--it's blood red and looking gooooood. 

Also, about the cocoa in the recipe--you don't need very much. Over "chocolating"the recipe will result in a decidedly more cocoa color instead of the classic red. 

In the mixer: sugar and butter! 

Once they are creamed, you add your eggs 

Then you alternate, dry.... 

Wet.... then dry, wet, and dry again. IN THAT EXACT ORDER. 

The hardest thing for me to remember? Baking is a science. Keep it science-y people! 

This is one time I must lick the spoon! This batter is good before it is even cooked. 
Another thing we can discuss: tasting your batter. I ALWAYS taste my batter despite the raw egg thing. I don't care. I am more committed to my cooking than my health, apparently. 

Check out my donut maker! I love this machine because it cranks out a dozen donuts in under 5 minutes. I also hate this machine because it cranks out a dozen donuts in under 5 minutes.... it's a blessing and a curse.

And it only takes about a spoonful of batter.  

Also, this nifty donut machine isn't the only way to make donuts at home. You can also get a donut baking pan and make them directly in your oven. It does take a little longer, though. I am a gadget girl. I just love testing all types of neat products out and one thing is for sure: the donut maker is here to stay! 

SHAZAM! That is four dozen birthday donuts! 

The great thing about this particular red velvet recipe is the lightness and the moisture... packaging donuts with frosting has been a challenge for me and these were perfectly yummy without frosting! 

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