Bossy Italian Book Review: Mockingjay

Totally. Obsessed. These are the only words I can seem to find after finishing the Hunger Games series. I read this final book in the series in less than 24 hours. I am surprised I found time to eat, sleep, or do anything other than read in those short hours because I just couldn't put the book down. The author, Suzanne Collins, in my estimation, is a genius.

The final book once again draws on the brilliant writing, intricately woven over three fabulous books.The final battle for the Capitol begins and it's all more confusing than ever. Peeta has been captured by President Snow and Katniss is fighting with the rebels.... there was no telling who anyone could trust in the third and final book. Sweet reunions revert to bitter gaul and there are surprises right up until the very end of the book.

Poor Katniss. Poor Peeta. Poor Gale. There is enough angst to go around for every character in the book, really. There are so many shockers in this book, which after as far as we have come in the series, is slightly hard to believe. That is the brilliance of it all. Right at the end, even, as you think it's all come to a head--you haven't any idea!

Katniss is still the reluctant leader that she has always been and it only gets worse for her as the book comes to a close; in the end, is there peace? Well, that is a relative term in the face of revolution, isn't it? Only the reader can decide if the ending is satisfactory. For me, it was closure that was realistic and somehow comforting... though it was also disturbing when all the facts come to light. Is this really the nature of human beings? Not just some fantastical view of the world through literary eyes, but could this be the nature of things? I am, unfortunately, inclined to say that the series smacks of more reality than fable in this regard. But the glimmer of hope is that we all have a choice; we can be mockingjays or we can be like those in Capitol who obey out of fear.

I am left wondering at the end of it all, will Suzanne Collins revisit the world of Panem.... because I don't want to let it go. I haven't encountered a series like this probably ever in my life. It was so awesome. Everyone should read it. Don't think... just buy it and read it and then pass it on to anyone you know because they would be hard pressed not to enjoy this series!

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