Stuff I Use: Webber Poultry Roaster

I have roasted many a chicken many a way. Of course, I started out roasting the traditional way, with a roasting pan and placing the chicken on a rack in the pan. It works well enough.... then there's the Julia Child way, again on the roasting pan and paying meticulous attention to the bird, flipping it to and fro until it's reached golden perfection. It's exhausting, I assure you, but also worth if you are in the mood to impress.

Then I switched gears and began cooking my birds in a cast iron skillet with no rack on the bottom as outlined by Buddy Valastro. This was much easier, and allows you to roast your bird on a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. It works quite well and I was pretty impressed with the method, overall.

Shortly after I had begin this type of roasting, I was introduced to yet another method of roasting. For Christmas, a friend of mine gifted us a Webber Poultry Roaster, presumably to go with the Webber grill he gifted us for our wedding (which, by the way, is an excellent grill!) The roaster also translates to the oven, and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl. At first, I was a little puzzled by the contraption... mostly because the bird sits on it, quite literally, making it look like eerily humanoid.

Here is the basic set up of the roaster, minus the pronged thingy that holds the bird (which goes on top of that cup part). The cup part can be filled with marinade... and the contraption comes with a recipe booklet too! I did a white wine rosemary marinade. The outer pan catches those goooood drippin' juices! 

See what I mean about the bird sitting up? It got me a little weirded out. Like, it's sitting there and it actually looks like it has arms..... 

But it came out looking golden as ever, and the effort exerted in the process? Well, not much! I was really impressed because the skin was crispy, the meat was juicy and the marinade was PERFECT! 

The Webber Poultry Roaster is definitely one product I recommend. It gives your bird that golden skin and cooks it on all sides because of it's freaking sitting thing it does. I can't wait to use it on my grill this summer, but I LOVE that it also is oven friendly because if you are into roasting, well, this is the bee's knees! 

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