Sex In The Second Trimester

When it came to the first trimester of pregnancy, I was surprised by how low my libido was...I didn't necessarily look pregnant, but my symptoms were really something to be contended with. Luckily for me (and likely for other women too) the second trimester was a breath of fresh air (at least in the libido department!!

I found that my libido came didn't exactly come roaring back or anything, but gradually, it made its way back into my life. I was so relieved! I had been counting on having some good pregnancy sex because that was what everyone had told me to count on! There was only one problem: my poor husband, with my expanding belly, began to get a little freaked out.

This is common for some men--not all, but some. I can understand where my husband was coming from: he and I have done a lot of personal work to get to this point of having a baby and he didn't want to do ANYTHING to mess it up. Also? I'm not the same as I once was...I can't lay on my back the same, certain positions weren't comfortable. So as he put it, it just wasn't as free flowing.

Even still, we really did start hitting our stride. It took a little fancy footwork; some position experimentation, if you will. And just as we did? Cue the sad violins, the doctor put me on pelvic rest!!! I had just started getting my mojo back and that was when ol' doc put the smack down on my sex life. Sheesh. Ain't that life?

That didn't stop me from still enjoying some foreplay and orgasms, though...a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. And the vivid sex dreams, let me tell you, did not help! But one thing I noticed in the second trimester about my orgasms? Yes, they were stronger! They took a little bit longer, but boy were they worth the wait! That is something I have been enjoying to the fullest.

Luckily for me and for hubby, we were cleared after those four weeks to get back in the sack! So, we're at it again, although for us that means working on those positioning techniques again as my stomach continues to grow and grow. I have the feeling that as soon as we get the hang of this whole again, something else will change! Haha. That's pregnancy for ya--and really a good metaphor for life, too!

Main points of second trimester sex, at least in my case (though it can be different for everyone!):
Welcome back libido, I've missed you so!
Better orgasms in terms of intensity
Learning to work around the belly, which is an art of its own
A nervous husband means we're finding new bedroom communication

What about you? How did you find sex in the second trimester?! Share with me in the comments section below--don't worry, there are NO JUDGMENTS here!