A Fiesta Baby Shower!

Last weekend was our baby shower! We aren't exactly the traditional type, so we did a couples' shower fiesta style. In my wildest baby shower dreams, I wanted a taco bar from Moe's. I am in love with Moe's tacos (and their queso) so that was one of my requests. I totally did not think it was going to happen, but I am here to tell you all that dreams do come true!!! I not only got my Moe's taco bar, but it was one of the best parties I have ever been to.

Some-odd 50 or so people came out to celebrate with my husband and I shower our new baby with a TON of beautiful gifts. She has a healthy library going and we're almost fully prepared for her arrival. Don't worry, I am going to post nursery pictures, but we just aren't quite ready yet.

In the "I gotta give some props" department, I have to give a shout out to some people for this amazing shower. Don't be jealous, but my husband and I have a grandma dream team. Between my mom and his mom, they really blew this out of the water with their creativity and making it all come together! My husband's mother made over 60 hand-folded cranes for our little Ruby Bird's shower. And our godmother, Jenn, did some amazing fiesta themed decorations (that may or may not still be up in my house.) These ladies rocked it out!

And my husband, god love him, only complained a little bit over the last three weeks while I ran around like a mad woman demanding that everything be done "in time for the shower!" Everything did get done in time, if you can believe it, and since I can't do any heavy lifting these days, a lot of credit has to go to him.

Okay, now to the fun stuff: the pictures!!!!

I started my day with a pregnancy massage/manicure and pedicure. I had to share this awesome nail design because it just made me so happy. OLE! 

These little cranes were a great little touch. Little birdies everywhere in all types of colors. 

And Jenn made these pom pom decorations. When I asked my husband if we could leave them up forever, he said, "at least a couple of days." Compromise. It's a beautiful thing. 

This was the gift room. Our Ruby is one lucky little lady--she is so loved!!! And so are we. I felt so honored to have so many people so excited for our bundle of joy. My husband and I are so flattered by everyone's love. 

Gift opening with my husband is so much fun because he gets sooooo excited! 

His happiness is contagious. And isn't his Mexican wedding shirt awesome? (It's from our wedding, and I love it so much. Just like him.) 

My friend Shaye knitted this blanket!! Isn't it amazing?! 
We got five hand knitted blankets for Ruby. We are obsessed with blankets as it is, and I feel like this is something we will easily be passing down to her. Haha. 

And what is a fiesta without a piñata!? Here's my mom spinning Daren around for his turn. On a side note, Jenn stuffed the piñata with these chili gummy candies on a stick. I am now obsessed. I wanted to take them from the children, but I refrained. It was hard though, I'm not going to lie. 


  1. Thanks for calling us the dream team

  2. So excited for you guys! Glad you had an amazing shower. Your daughter is being born to amazing parents, so you deserved it. :) And you look beautiful, by the way.