I Used To Hate Cake....

One of the only cakes I have made--Red Velvet. 
When people used to say to me how much they loathed their sweet tooth, I just couldn't relate...because I never had said sweet tooth. I never craved sugar, or looked forward to dessert. I was more the, "give me two pickles and I'm a happy camper" kind of gal. And then, I got pregnant. 

Now I have not only eaten my words when it comes to that mythical sweet tooth, but I've also eaten cake. And brownies. And pie. And donuts. And chocolate. And a lot of gummy candy. When I read in the birthing book that you should have an activity planned for when you go into labor, what do you think I picked? Baking a birthday cake. This, from the woman who declared cake "too dry" to consume just months ago. 

Not that I can necessarily complain. My cravings during this pregnancy have been relatively mild. I haven't sent my husband running to the store, except once, when I needed flaky, buttery biscuits. I waited an astounding six weeks to give in to my donut craving, and when I did, I only bought one donut and I ate it with a big old glass of almond milk. It was worth the wait. 

But still, this baby girl is giving me a dose of sweet tooth that sometimes has me worried....will I always be like this now? Will I always want to end the night with a sweet little something? Will I always crave cupcakes?! And the biggest question of all: will I have the willpower to just say no to all these awesome sweet treats when I am not pregnant anymore?! 

Being pregnant has its perks. For one, you have a constant reminder of why you want to eat healthy, why you need to work out, and who you are doing all of this for. Sure, I still give in every now and again, but I'm very conscious of the fact that my baby is depending on me for her nutrition. Having that in the back of my head helps a ton. 

Now that I have joined the cake consuming masses, I'm incredibly turned on by cake mixes. I swoon after pretty pins of desserts on Pinterest as I wonder, for the first time in my life, "could I make that?!" Oh my sweetness. I can't handle it. Once you are in love with sugar, it shows up practically everywhere. One thing I can tell you, though, is that I will be, from here on out, much more sympathetic to my friends who lament that they love sweets. I feel your pain now. I understand. 

And I want to eat cake with you. 


The woman who used to hate cake 


  1. If you are up to walking away from a cake mix, this recipe is my no-fail go-to for easy, delicious, rich chocolate cake - and it's vegan! Which means I occasionally pretend that it's healthy, but mostly I just bring it to potlucks where I know dairy-free/vegan folks will be in attendance: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10794-basic-vegan-chocolate-cupcake

    The really nice thing about it is that it is very simple, and there's no beating of eggs or even an electric mixer necessary. The one thing I would note about the recipe is that the soy milk and vinegar won't "curdle" so much as look a little frothy, and that's just fine.

    1. YUM! Thanks Elle! This looks good, and I have just started diving into vegan baking lately as well. I even did a little gluten free recently! I don't really drink milk, though I do eat butter and cheese (a gal needs some indulgence!) Haha.