ERMAGERD....There's Yoga Mats In Everything!

So, if you haven't been living under a yoga mat, you may have heard about the Subway yoga mat material bread thing. If you haven't, I'll recap for you. So, Subway announced that it was taking ADA (a chemical foaming agent) out of it's bread recently which grossed people out because then they realized that Subway had been using this stuff all along. Turns out ADA is the same chemical agent they use in yoga mats. Tasty.

How many fluffy Subway yoga mat sandwiches did you enjoy? I can tell you how many I had: zero! Seriously, who eats Subway? That meat looks chewed up to me, not healthy.

So now that Subway is doing the "right thing" a lot of groups are up in arms about all the OTHER things that include ADA, and the list is long. Like, 500 items long. Access the list by CLICKING HERE. Which, incidentally, is terrifying. Being pregnant, I have had an extra emphasis on eating healthy and even when I tell myself, "don't click on it, don't click on it!" I inevitably click on it.

The other day, I read about the yoga mats in bread (and did you know it's in a lot of other stuff too), and then growth hormones (which are banned in China) in pigs, turkey, and cows. I don't want to have a melt down or anything, but sometimes it feels like nothing in our food supply is healthy. I try to off set this with my own canning, preserving, freezing and raising chickens. And we eat venison instead of other meats (most of the time.) But there is only so much a person can do...I'm at my max.

At some point, I feel as though we're going to have to stop, I don't know, serving such shitty food to the masses. It gets me angry thinking about those who don't have the time or resources to do the things that I am doing and how they fall victim to a bad food supply. The poorest people in our country suffer the worst and that is an outrage. And I'm not even getting into GMOs right now, which I really see as one of the most dangerous propositions to hit the food supply ever. 

Some begin to think that organizations like the FDA have it out for us, and I can totally see why. I take the approach that they are more lazy than anything else. I feel like these things sneak their way in and they go unchecked until they are big problems. But really, how it all happens or why it happens is really irrelevant. It's happening people and this is the food we eat.

Is anyone else mildly to moderately outraged about this?! How do you avoid eating the crappy food supply in America? Or do you not see it as a problem at all? Share with me comments section below! 

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