Everyone Has a Spirit Animal Except Me!

I don't know if this is one of those quirky problems reserved just for weirdos like me, but I have been having an ongoing spirit animal crisis. It's not new...in fact it's one of those things that has been creeping up on me gradually and has reached higher proportions in the last six months. In a nutshell, it seems like everyone in the world knows what their spirit animal would be, and I just haven't got a clue.

I just don't feel cosmically connected to any animals, I guess. I mean, I like animals. Heck, I love animals...all kinds of animals. I have three dogs, a cat, and seven chickens for gosh's sakes. But when it comes to feeling like there is an animal that encapsulates who I am (or whatever) I continually come up short.

I took one of those online tests to help me determine mine, and it said a bear. A freaking bear. There is no way I am a bear...except for maybe the part about hibernation in the winter. So I took a different one and it came up with a rabbit. And I thought to myself, what a load of garbage. I am soooo not a rabbit. They seems a little skittish, don't you think? So I figured that I would take a more hands-on approach adn see what I felt about it and the best I could come up with was a llama.

Then I told my mom about my spirit animal crisis and how maybe my spirit animal could be a llama. So, she asks me why. Oh shit. This was where the crisis deepened because I really didn't have an answer. Well, I do have an answer, but it's sort of stupid. But since I'm into stupid these days, I'm gonna share with you the fake reason I gave my mom and the real reason I actually chose llama. The fake reason I told my mom was that it was because they have fur that can be used as clothing, so they are "multi-taskers." That was pretty dumb, but my real reason is because I love that movie "The Emperor's New Groove" where the main character is turned into a llama....which somehow I feel is dumber than my "multi-tasker" reason.

The fact, either way, remains that my deep spiritual connection to any of the above mentioned animals is pretty nonexistent. However, I was glad that I shared with my mom about my spirit animal criss because she made a suggestion I hadn't yet thought of. It's sort of one of those you have to tell the story to get the full effect, so here goes:

Once my mom was at this conference, and they were doing a drum-circle style meditation. (I hope that's accurate to what she told me, and not just what I heard in my head). Anyway, the instructor told everyone to envision their spirit animal walking through either a jungle or a forrest. And my mom says to me, "I pictured my spirit animal as this very tall, very muscular black man. He was primitive with a loin cloth. So, your spirit animal doesn't necessarily have to be an animal."

Oh. My. God. Could it be true?! Could my spirit animal be a man?! Before you laugh this off, I swear to god, this is the ONLY time a spirit animal has made sense to me. Because I have a very masculine side and in the moment my mom said that to me, it was as though the spirit animal light went off inside of me. At the very least, it made me more comfortable that notions about spirit animals don't have to be as fixed as I once thought they were...perhaps my spirit animal is just a little more humanoid than some others might be.

What do you think? Do you have a spirit animal or do you find that it's hard to connect, like me? Leave it for me in the comment section below! 


  1. This is extremely interesting to me! Coming from an alternative faith and having experience in this, I think that this is absolutely valid as humans are animals. Have you tried shamanic journey to find your animal or to confirm your current suspicion of the human male connection? Great post.

    1. Thanks Maggie! I haven't done a shamanic journey, but that would perhaps be my next step!!!

    2. Omg now my sacred animal is naked before the world Glad to be of help