5 Things That Make Me A Better Parent

Time away from my baby
I went 30 days without being separated from my child for a single second last month...and it resulted in a feeling of frustration which, inevitably, I took out on my husband. Babies are babies. They will have nights when they are fussy, days when they cry for what seems like no reason, and stretches of time when they only want Mommy to hold them; it's what they do as they develop. I find all of these things exponentially easier to deal with if I've had a couple hours without my baby.

There is just nothing like sweating to make me feel good and ready to take on the day. It's a little me time, even though my baby comes along and sits in her bouncy chair. It's also a way to be social and connect with my friends. I love to get those good endorphins flowing. Exercise is also one of the ways that I ward off anxiety and who the heck wants an anxious mommy?

Do I love my child more than anything? Of course I do! But that doesn't mean there aren't downsides to parenthood. Nothing gets under my skin more than parents who act as though they literally have nothing bad to report about the experience. <<LIARS!>> Venting about these things, and often being able to put a humorous spin on them makes them sort of *poof* go away.

And if you're in denial about these things, well then, I can't help you. What I can say is that bitching about breastfeeding made getting through the first six weeks a possibility. Joking with my mom about how my daughter was the "hugging terrorist" who wouldn't let me put her down last week made getting through those four days much easier. So go ahead--vent! No one is judging you (except maybe you!)

Makes me feel like a woman, not just a mom. It's essential. I know that there are a lot of women out there who don't resume sex right away (after the 6 week break of course), for a variety of reasons. For me, I need to reconnect with my husband because our marriage comes first. Happy marriage= happier child, and sex is a major part of that equation!

A drink here and there 
I am NOT trying to be a mommy martyr. And yes, I am breastfeeding. But a glass of wine or a beer here or there isn't going to get my baby drunk, nor is it going to hurt anything. What it will do is keep me from feeling deprived and resentful, which ultimately makes me a better parent. If you cut out drinking totally while breastfeeding, good for you, I hope it's a-working. It wouldn't work for me. 

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