Bossy Italian Book Review: Bebe Day by Day By Pamela Druckerman

Oh,'s an eventful journey I can tell you that much. If you are a parent you probably know that there are forty-seven million different books devoted to the subject of how to be the perfect parent or raise the perfect (most happy) child in the whole wide world. This is not one of those books, thank goodness.

I read Pamela Druckerman's first book, Bringing Up Bebe, while I was pregnant and I loved it. It gave me the sort of "I can do this, don't freak out" kick in my pants I needed to feel like I would be able to handle being a parent. Which is important, we all need that, right? But now I am an actual parent. And I can't, for the life of me remember what was contained in that book that I loved and wanted so badly to implement. That is where this book comes in.

This is the synopsized, shorter, easier to digest and read when you have a baby and don't have a single to second to think about reading version. I have referred to it several times already and read it to my husband, and, eh-hem, read it on the loo several times. It's got the 100 most important points from the original book without all the story bits.

I love the little reminders that it contains...about getting your groove back and not giving up your coupledom and all that jazz. And with this book, and the very useful information it contains,  I can now implement my hybrid Attachment Parenting/ French Parenting system, which I hope will work and then I can share with all of you.

Bottom line? If you loved Bringing Up Bebe and you now find you can't remember what the heck was contained in the book, but desperately want to implement the French parenting guidelines, then this book is for you. Also, if you have a friend or family member who is pregnant and liked the book you could get this for them--I am sure they would be endlessly thankful!!!

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