Fresh & Simple...The Tomato Sandwich

Tomato season. I melt. I just love the freshness of a ripe tomato. It's such a simple pleasure, like watching my child sleep or looking over at my husband and feeling in love. The simplicity of it just can't be beat. Which is why I am in love with the ease and simplicity of the tomato sandwich.

It's funny because I ate these nonstop last summer, on rye bread. And this summer, maybe it's my mommy brain or perhaps I've actually been that busy, but I plum forgot about them! That is, until one day when my husband said "I keep seeing this thing on the Internet and it's a Southern thing, I guess...a tomato sandwich with mayo?"

Now, the fact that he wanted to try this made me so excited because I never thought in a million years he would be interested in such a sandwich. The next day, I made them up and *surprise* he loved it! I am a happy person. We ate it on Split Top Wheat bread, but I think the original is on white bread. it if ya got it. As for me, I am back on the tomato sandwich bandwagon and happy to have remembered how much I love because it's not easy to find non-dairy options that feel so pleasurable.

If you, like my husband, have never tried this, for the love of Pete, go out and get a big juicy tomato, slather some (okay, more than some) mayo on two pieces of soft bread and enjoy the heck out of a simply wonderful sandwich! Oh, and for an extra yummy experience, throw some capers up on that party (your tastebuds will thank you!)

Happy Summer everyone!!! 

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