Blowing it on Boots!

I saw a friend of mine on FaceBook post the other day that she was saving up all her money for boots this fall. And you know what I think about that? It sounds like a brilliant idea!! I am woman, hear me love shoes because I completely and totally love shoes!

Sometime during high school, I was having a conversation with a girl named Carmen. She always had great shoes, and we were discussing her diverse collection of foot apparel when she said something I will never forget, “You can have on a great outfit,” she said, “but you have on bad shoes, it will ruin your whole outfit.” OMG! It’s so completely and utterly true!

Ever since that nondescript day in high school, I have taken this bit of wisdom and applied it to all of my outfits--albeit not always so well, but still I tried. I have made some mistakes in fashion over the years, but overall, I think I’ve done a pretty good job (especially once I got over that dirty hippy faze.) For this reason, I felt that saving up for a pair of boots is an investment, and something worth working toward.

Fall boots can cost a small fortune, but if you get a really nice pair, you are more likely to only have to buy them once. This seemed to be a lesson I have learned over and over again, as, for years, I bought cheap boots. But no more! Boots can be a wardrobe staple because even though they are trendy as hell now, they are also classic piece that translates over time. Not to mention that they are just so darn practical!

Yes, I know, I have to say that I was ecstatic to learn just how practical a good pair of leather boots are. They keep your feet warm AND dry while also making your legs look amazing (which makes guys think of sex, and we like that, don’t we ladies?!) Good leather boots also last forever, and they come in such variety: lace up, zip up, pull on. Okay, I’m gushing at this point...

But my point in all of this raving is that blowing it all on boots is something that must be done at least once in a woman’s life. If you haven’t known the buttery feeling stepping in out in boots made for walking, then you are seriously missing out on a fashion indulgence you should have. I realize that Suze Orman would disagree with this notion... Call it decadent, but sometimes a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.

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